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Our 10 Week Digital Athlete Training Program is designed to enhance your overall athleticism and take your game to the next level. 

This is a unique training program. We focus on reprograming your body to move efficiently and fulfill your athletic potential. 
This Program is for you if you want to:
Build a high Level of Functional Strength.
Become more explosive.
Develop your energy systems to ensure you can dominate for long periods in your games.
Improve Acceleration
Improve Decceleration
Change direction more efficiently 
Become more resilient to injury.
Improve mobility at key joints which can unlock your athletic potential.
Move more efficiently as an athlete.
Develop Pro Level Fitness.
The Program includes:
10 Week of Programming. (Over 60 Pages)
Hundreds of High Quality Exercise Videos
Full Weekly Schedule
Gym Based Testing 
Pitch Based Testing 
Gym Based Sessions 
Pitch Based Sessions (Speed and Agility) (Conditioning)
Mobility Sessions 
Injury Prevention Session
Stretching and Core Routines
Corrective Exercises
This is the perfect program to reprogram your body to move and perform like a Pro Level Athlete. 
24-7 Support also included. You can contact the team for advice via email.
Let's take our Athleticism to the Next Level!

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