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    What Are Ankle Socks?

    what are ankle socks

    Since there are so many different types of socks around, with different purposes and functions, it can become quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing a pair.

    To lighten the load for you and make it easier to distinguish between the different types of socks, we are going to delve into ankle socks.

    So, what are ankle socks? Why are they beneficial to have, and what exactly do they do? 

    Read on further to get a full understanding of exactly what ankle socks are.

    What Are Ankle Socks?

    what is ankle socks

    Ankle socks are all the trend lately, and rightly so. But, you may be wondering why that is, and what makes them as popular as they are. 

    In this section, we are going to dive into what exactly ankle socks are. 

    What Length Are Ankle Socks?

    As the name would suggest, ankle socks are socks that come up to your ankles. But, the length of ankle socks can still differ slightly. 

    Most ankle socks are low-cut and will sit just under your malleoli. But, you also get some ankle socks that sit above your malleoli. 

    These types of socks are called quarter ankle socks but are still classified as ankle socks nonetheless. 

    Anything longer than quarter ankle socks are known as crew socks. Crew socks are a very trendy type of sock around the world, just like ankle socks.

    When Should Ankle Socks Be Worn?

    What do ankle socks look like

    One of the best things about ankle socks, and why they are so popular, is their versatility. Ankle socks can literally be worn for any occasion and at any time. 

    But, with this being said, there are certain occasions where ankle socks are more commonly worn.

    For example, ankle socks are very commonly worn for sports such as running, tennis, and pilates, and for visits to the gym.  

    Besides sports, ankle socks can also be worn with casual or smart outfits. Take note, though, that if you wear them with smart outfits the choice of color is very important. Especially if you want to look formal and professional. 

    With casual outfits, ankle socks can be used to add a pop of color and a bit of fun to your outfit. 

    Are Ankle Socks Better Than Grip Socks?

    When it comes to sports, grip socks are phenomenal. They really have so many benefits to them, and we can assure you that grip socks do work

    However, both have their benefits depending on what you would like to use them for. Grip socks are great for sports, especially when you wear football grip socks. Our football grip socks enhance performance and increase a player’s stability when playing. 

     Types of ankle socks

    On the other hand, ankle socks are great if you don’t want to wear lengthy grip socks. For example, when you are running, playing tennis, or even relaxing at home, ankle socks are usually more favored. 

    With this in mind, we have now made it possible for you to experience the best of both. Our ankle grip socks provide your ankle socks with extra grip and stability so that you can get all of the benefits out of grip socks, but still wear shorter-length socks if you prefer them. 

    What Material Are Ankle Socks Made Out Of?

    As we have mentioned, the length of ankle socks makes them pretty comfortable to wear. But, if they are not made out of a comfortable material, then there the comfort of their design is irrelevant. 

    So, what material are ankle socks made of? 

    Overview of ankle socks

    This can vary depending on the supplier. Some are made out of cotton, bamboo, cashmere, or polyester, to name a few. 

    Our ankle grip socks are made out of cotton and elastic fiber, as we find that the stretchiness this provides is best for comfort.

    Why It Is Beneficial to Have Ankle Socks?

    Ankle socks are beneficial because they can be worn for almost any occasion. They are extremely versatile and can be worn when longer-length socks are not a good option. 

    They are also very comfortable and don’t make your legs hot and sweaty as crew socks do in the summertime. 

    They give a “no-sock” illusion, which is a look that many people like, and often is best for some outfits. 

    Lastly, ankle socks will never start to feel like they are tight or restrictive. Their length means that they can be worn literally all day, and they will never cause you any pain or discomfort. 

    Where to buy ankle socks


    Ankle socks are a nifty type of sock that we think everyone should own. 

    They are great for athletes, businessmen, and anyone that you can think of, really (which makes ankle socks for gifts always a good idea). 

    Besides their versatility, they can make for great fashion pieces, and add a pop of fun, or sophistication, to your outfit.

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