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    What Do Grip Socks Do?

    what do grip socks do

    Grip socks are a rapidly growing new trend across most of the world. But, are they all that they are made out to be? Or are social media and human beings wanting to stay up to date with the latest trends the only reason that grip socks have become so popular?  

    Believe it or not, there are actually a fair amount of benefits that athletes, particularly football players, are getting out of grip socks.

    But what do grip socks do, exactly? In this article, we will be exploring exactly what they do, what they are used for, and why they are so well-liked by football players.

    What this article covers:

    What Do Grip Socks Do?

    Grip socks play a pivotal role in enhancing stability and reducing the risk of slips and falls. 

    They’re specialized socks with dimpled soles designed to "grip" into the sole of a football boot, reducing the movement of the foot within the boot and thereby improving comfort and performance. The grip contact between the sock and the football boot is designed to minimize foot movement within the boot, which is particularly beneficial in a sport like football where quick turns, balance, and rapid acceleration are crucial. 

    footballers wearing grip socks

    The grip socks act similarly to tire treads, providing additional traction and preventing slippage inside the boot. This enhanced grip and reduced internal movement can increase responsiveness and reaction time, provide additional foot comfort, and reduce the likelihood of developing blisters. 

    Moreover, they aid in sweat reduction and blister prevention by reducing friction between the sole of the foot and the bottom of the boot, which can cause discomfort or blistering.

    How Do Grip Socks Work?

    Grip socks are like normal sports socks that have non-slip pads strategically placed on the outside of the socks on the soles. Normally, these non-slip pads take the shape of small little circles.

    These non-slip pads ensure that you have a firm grip on your footwear and that your socks don’t slip around in your shoe as they would with normal sports socks.

    This extra grip and stability provide players with several benefits and improvements in their performance.

    What Are Grip Socks Used for?

    As we mentioned, grip socks are used to enhance grip and improve sporting performance. While they are mostly used by athletes in different sporting codes, they are also used for elderly patients in hospitals who pose a risk of falling.

    do grip socks work

    While these different populations use grip socks for different circumstances, the essence of what grip socks are used for remains the same. They are used to provide the person wearing them with extra grip, stability, and support. 

    Why Are Grip Socks Good?

    Grip socks have multiple benefits, so there are numerous reasons why one could consider them “good”. We will discuss these reasons below, which will help to give you an idea of why they work so well and why they are so popular.

    Increased Grip

    As you would imagine, this is one of the top reasons why grip socks are good. They provide increased grip between your foot and your shoe, and as a result, more grip between your shoe and the ground.

     what are grip socks for soccer

    This means that your foot doesn’t slide up and down in your shoe, and allows you to control your movements more easily. Whether this is when you are walking, running, or playing a sport.

    Grip socks are also often worn without shoes. This is common during pilates and for elderly people who are at a risk for falling. This increased grip reduces the risk of falling or slipping.

    Foot And Ankle Support

    This is particularly true when grip socks are used during sports or activities that involve running and/or fast changes in direction.

    It is very easy to lose your footing when you are running or changing direction if you don’t have the proper support. Grip socks provide extra support to your ankle and foot so that there is less chance of you misplacing your foot or spraining your ankle.

    Prevent Slipping

    what do grip socks do for soccer

    The rubber non-slip pads found on grip socks ensure that your foot doesn’t slip within your shoe. If your foot slips in your shoe, there is a chance that you will slip on the ground too, causing you to fall or misstep.

    Grip socks prevent that from happening and minimize the chance of you falling in many ways.

    Injury Prevention

    Grip socks play a big role in injury prevention during sports, or even just when you are walking or running. The reason for this is due to everything that we have touched on already. For example, the fact that there is more grip prevents your foot from slipping in the shoe, and you from slipping in general.

    If your foot slips, you could sprain your ankle or misstep and cause greater injuries. Slipping could also result in you falling and injuring anything from your knee, hip, elbow, or shoulder.

    The fact that you have more control with grip socks ensures that you are much more likely to end up in a situation that could lead to you injuring yourself.

    Increased Comfort

    why do footballers wear grip socks

    Grip socks increase your comfort within your shoe. Because they stop your foot from sliding around, it sits more comfortably and doesn’t rub against the sides of your shoe.

    The non-slip pads underneath the sock add an extra, thicker, layer, which also makes it softer and more comfortable while standing, walking, or running.

    Our grip socks are made out of material that is best for socks, which is something that further adds to their comfort. They are made out of cotton and elastic fiber, so they are breathable, stretchy, and cool.

    Once you get a taste for their comfort, you’ll never want to know what ankle socks are again.

    Prevents Blisters

    Since the non-slip grip pads stop the foot from sliding up and down and rubbing against your shoe, it also prevents blistering from occurring.

    This is particularly helpful when it comes to new shoes, and it means that you can carry on with your activity for lengthy periods, without having to sit out in pain.

    Increases Confidence

    are grip socks good for soccer

    Our grip socks help to increase your overall confidence in the activity that you are doing. Knowing that they help with grip, control, injury prevention, and increased support helps to give you the confidence to take part in your activity without having to be worried about these factors.

    They give you peace of mind and help you be your best, with all the extra stresses being eliminated.

    Are Grip Socks Good For Football?

    Our grip socks are fantastic for football. The reason for this has to do with the factors that we discussed above. Grip socks are great performance boosters for footballers, and give the players using a little bit of an extra edge.

    The increased grip between the sock and shoe translates to a better grip on the ball, too. The extra grip helps to increase traction when a football player is passing, tackling, changing direction and moving.

    This allows players to be more in control of the ball and make passes with precision and accuracy. The increased grip is also beneficial for football players’ agility, speed, and power, boosting overall performance.

    Ankle injuries are very common in football due to the rapid change of direction, quick sprints, and abrupt deceleration. The fact that our grip socks have added ankle and foot support, and that they prevent slipping, helps protect the footballer’s ankles and gives them that extra reassurance to push harder.

    The injury prevention aspect of our football grip socks is another reason why they are so good for football players. The last thing that a football player of any level wants is to be injured. The added grip, support, and control that our grip socks provide aid in helping prevent football injuries of all kinds, which is a massive concern for football players.

    do grip socks help in football

    Lastly, the fact that our grip socks give that little bit of extra confidence to players makes them so good for football players. A lot of the time, football players are worried about slipping, getting injured, or making a mistake. Having extra confidence from the grip socks helps to eliminate that worry, and just lets them play their hardest and to the best of their ability.

    Overall, our grip socks do help to enhance a footballer’s performance on so many levels. They are the thing that can take a footballer over the edge, and give them the boost that they need to be the best player that they possibly can be.


    As you can see, our grip socks are definitely worth all the hype. They are advantageous whether you play sports or not, but if you are an athlete, particularly a footballer, they are a must-have. 

    When you compare their uses to what crew socks are used for, there is a clear difference, and it is evident that grip socks are more beneficial to football players than crew socks.

    It is safe to say that grip socks are a game changer in the world of sport, and if you have a friend who hasn’t started using them yet, get them grip socks for gifts. Everyone should see how incredible they are. 

    What Do Grip Socks Do? (FAQs)

    what are grip socks used for

    Are grip socks only for football players?

    Grip socks are not only for football players. They are great for other sporting codes, too. This includes people who do pilates, tennis, padel, running, handball, and athletics.

    They are particularly good beneficial for sports where there is running and changing of direction, as they add extra grip and stability to these movements. 

    Are athletes the only ones who benefit from grip socks?

    Definitely not. Grip socks can also be used by elderly people who pose a fall risk. Especially those in hospitals where the chance of slipping on the clean tiled floors is higher. 

    Additionally, grip socks can be used by people of all ages with slippery surfaces in their houses. They are also often used at trampoline parks to prevent falling. 

    Is it safe to wash grip socks?

    what do football grip socks do

    Yes, you can. Washing them actually helps to maintain grip socks. But, there is a certain way you should wash them. 

    1. Turn your grip socks inside out before washing them.
    2. Use a gentle cycle and low heat.
    3. Use regular detergent - do not bleach them. 
    4. Let your grip socks dry naturally (do not tumble dry them).
    5. Do not iron your grip socks.

    What is the best way to wear grip socks?

    This sounds like a simple answer, but knowing how to wear grip socks can actually be quite tricky, especially if they need to be worn with football socks, for example. 

    If you’re an athlete, then the best thing to do is take your team’s football sock and cut off the foot. Then, put on your grip socks, and put your cut-out team socks over the grip socks. 

    The reason for this is that you want the non-slip rubber pads to be in contact with your boot, and not the team sock. 

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