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    Running Socks: Women

    running socks women

    When it comes to running socks for women, there are a lot of options available. It can be pretty overwhelming to decide which type is best suited to you and your running style. 

    Specialized running socks can also be quite pricey, so you might be wondering if running socks are worth it. The short answer is yes they are. They come with so many benefits that can really boost your running if you choose the right pair. 

    In this article, we are going to go through the different types of running socks for women, especially in our range of sport grip socks, so that you can decide what type of socks are best for you. We will also cover their benefits, and what makes them worth it.

    What this article covers:

    Best Women’s Running Socks

    Ankle Grip Running Socks 

    Our ankle grip running socks are some of the best women’s running socks in the UK. These running grip socks embody comfort and practicality. 

    The circular grip patches underneath the sock mean that you won’t get any nasty blisters while running. They also increase the amount of stability between your sock and your shoe, which means that you are able to control your pace a lot better since your sock won’t be sliding around. 

    best women's running socks

    This increased stability prevents you from getting blisters since your foot isn’t sliding up and down in the shoe and rubbing against your shoe. Additionally, the added stability also helps to prevent injuries such as ankle strains and sprains, and they help to minimize falling too. 

    These ankle socks are ideal for women who like to run in the heat. Longer socks can make running on very hot days feel unbearable and can be extremely unpleasant. On the contrary, these ankle socks work great for the heat because they are short and do not cause your legs to sweat and become too hot.

    Keep in mind that if you are a trail runner that these socks might not work the greatest for you. With trail running, there can be a lot of branches and stones that can scratch your ankles, and these socks unfortunately don’t offer much protection to your ankles. 

    But, if you are fine with a few scratches, then these socks will still be absolutely fine for trail running. 

    Lastly, these socks are multi-functional. While they are excellent for running, they can also be used in the gym, and for various different types of sports. 

    Comfortable, a great fit, and a performance enhancer - our ankle grip running socks really do cover it all. One of the many reasons why they are one of the best women’s running socks. 

    best running socks for women

    Why It’s Great 

    • Prevents blisters
    • Boosts performance 
    • Perfect to wear when running in hot climates
    • Versatile 

    Who It’s Right For

    • Women who like running in the heat 
    • Female runners who want extra stability when they run
    • Female runners who want to boost their performance while running 
    • Female runners who enjoy running in comfortable socks

    Crew Grip Running Socks 

    Our crew grip running socks have a similar design to our ankle grip running socks. The main difference between the two of them, though, is their length. 

    Our crew grip running socks are longer than our ankle grip running socks, and they come up to about your mid-calf. These socks come in different colors, and we have black grip socks and pink grip socks versions available. 

    But, even more than that, our crew grip socks have the same added grip that our ankle grip socks do. So, similarly to our ankle grip socks, they prevent blisters, limit the chance of injuries that can occur at your ankle, knee, and hips, and they have extra stability that can boost your performance. 

    best womens running socks

    These socks are made out of a stretchy material that enhances their comfort and makes them a pleasure to wear. And, even though they come up to your mid-thigh, they are not too tight. But, in the same breath, they don’t continuously fall down the whole time. 

    This can often be a big issue with socks that are mid-calf height. Luckily ours don’t have this problem and provide the perfect fit. 

    The additional bonus with this extra height is that they are great for trail running. The additional height of the sock acts as a barrier and protects your ankles from getting scratched or being stuck by any thorns. 

    Why It’s Great 

    • Comfortable fit 
    • Extra height protects trail runners from dirt and scratches 
    • Boosts stability when running, which is great for trail running 
    • Minimizes the chance of slipping and falling 

    Who It’s Right For 

    • Female trail runners
    • Runners who don’t like their ankles to get dirty or scratched
    • Female runners who are seeking comfort and stability 

    best ladies running socks

    Full-Length Grip Running Socks 

    Full-length grip running socks are extremely ideal for cold-weather running, especially for women. 

    Since women tend to have a slower metabolism than men, they end up producing less heat and generally feel colder than men. 

    So, for women who live in cold countries but like to run, this can be a major issue. Being cold during your run can be really off-putting. It can affect your running performance, and be the factor that causes you to have an awful and unenjoyable run. 

    This is why our full-length grip running socks are so beneficial to women running in extremely cold conditions. Not only do they keep you warm while running, but they can indirectly boost your running performance by allowing you to have a warm and enjoyable run. 

    Additionally, our full-length grip running socks have all the benefits of grip socks that we have already touched on with the previous two socks. 

    best running socks women

    Why It’s Great 

    • Keeps you warm in cold weather 
    • Helps you to have a more enjoyable run 
    • Undersole grip leads to more stability and control 
    • Prevents injuries and blisters

    Who It’s Right For  

    • Women who run in cold climates
    • Female runners who are seeking more control and stability while running 
    • Runners who don’t mind having tight socks around their legs

    Compression Grip Running Socks 

    Our compression grip running socks are a must-have for female runners who run further than 10 kilometers regularly. 

    They are particularly beneficial for marathon runners thanks to their incredible ability to help your muscles recover. 

    When you run for extended periods of time, and you do so frequently, this can lead to regular blood and fluid pooling in your lower legs, which can cause swelling. This can become painful and annoying when you are running. 

    Compression socks help to prevent this so that you can run comfortably. The way that they do this is that the tightness of the socks creates what is known as “positive pressure”, which forces the blood away from your legs and towards your heart. Which is why lower limb swelling is minimized. 

    best socks for running womens 

    Additionally, compression socks improve your muscles’ recovery after a marathon. They do this by improving circulation and reducing muscle soreness. 

    And, not only do our compression socks have these amazing features like “normal” compression socks, but they have the added bonus of having under-the-sole grip, too. 

    As we have mentioned previously, this grip increases stability, decreases the likelihood of injury, minimizes the chance of falling, prevents blisters, and can boost your running performance. 

    So, by using our compression grip running socks, you are getting the best of both worlds in terms of compression and grip. 

    Why It’s Great 

    • Improves muscle recovery 
    • Prevents swelling while running 
    • Improves circulation 
    • Has grip for control and stability 

    Who It’s Right For 

    • Women who are frequent marathon and long-distance runners 
    • Female runners who want to increase their recovery time
    • Female runners who experience high amounts of muscle soreness after a run. 

    ladies' best running socks

    Benefits of Running Socks for Women 

    Proper running socks benefit your running performance in more ways than you realize, which is why getting a pair is so worthwhile. 

    We will be talking about the benefits of our grip running socks for women. 

    Blister Control

    This feature is one of the particular benefits that our running grip socks offer female runners. The non-slip surface provided by the extra grip on the bottom of these socks reduces friction between your skin and the sock. 

    The material that proper running socks are made out of also helps to prevent moisture buildup, which means that there is less sweat and less chance of blisters occurring. 

    Injury Prevention 

    Injuries are a runner's worst nightmare and something that most of them want to avoid at all costs. Specialized running socks are great at preventing running injuries. 

    Our grip socks in particular help to minimize the chances of falling and injuring yourself from that. They also offer more stability and ankle support, which makes injuries to your ankles and knees a lot less common. 

    women best running socks women

    Increased Stability 

    The added grip gives you more stability and control while running because your feet don’t slide up and down in the show. 

    This can lead to better running performances and times. 

    Breathable Material 

    Proper running socks are made with material that is breathable and comfortable. It is usually synthetic, so is great for wicking away sweat and keeping your feet dry. 

    Sweaty feet while running can lead to discomfort, blisters, and even injuries, so material that prevents this is a huge win. 

    Additional Cushioning 

    Most running socks are designed with extra cushioning and thickness in the places that really matter. Thicker material is usually localized by the heel and toe, as these are the two places that take the most impact, depending on what your running style is. 

    These areas are high-friction and high-impact areas, so the extra cushioning can really help your feet and make your run more enjoyable. 

    best running socks for ladies

    Less Swelling 

    This is specifically aimed at compression running socks. If you run long distances and/or suffer from swelling while running, compression running socks will have major benefits for you. 

    The tightness of the socks improves blood circulation which minimizes lower leg swelling. 

    Increased Recovery 

    This benefit is also mostly aimed at compression running socks.

    Ladies' compression running socks are also beneficial because they help speed up muscle recovery. 

    It has been claimed that if you wear compression running socks during a run, or even afterward, too, there will be less damage to your muscles, as well as less inflammation, and fatigue.

    This results in your muscles not being as sore after a run, and as a result, they are able to recover a lot quicker. 

    This is great for females who run frequently in high volumes, as it means they don’t have to spend too much time waiting for their muscles to recover between each run.

     best socks for women who run


    Hopefully, as you come to the end of this article, you are not only feeling more assured in terms of what type of running socks you need, but you are also realizing that running socks for women have massive benefits. 

    And as we said earlier, it is a bit of an investment to get yourself a few good pairs of running shoes, but it is so worth it. 

    Not only will these running shoes help you to boost your running performance, but they will also last longer than normal socks, provide you with more comfort, prevent injuries, and make your run much more enjoyable. 

    Proper running socks are definitely not something that you will regret. Having the right pair can feel life-changing.

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