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    Best Walking Socks

    best walking socks

    The type of walking socks that you choose is much more important than you may think they are. 

    Most of the time, not a lot of thought is put into walking sock types. People tend to choose walking socks based on how they look, or what is the cheapest

    But, the type of walking socks that you choose can hugely influence your walk. If you don’t get the right ones, you could end up walking in pain and discomfort, which is obviously not something you would like. 

    There are a few different considerations that need to be taken into account when purchasing walking socks. We will discuss all of these in the article below, as well as what the best walking socks are for different scenarios. 

    This should, hopefully, help you to discover the best walking socks for you and your needs. 

    What this article covers:

    What to Take Into Consideration When Looking for Walking Socks 

    When you are looking for walking socks, there are three main things that you need to consider. 

    Firstly, you need to take into account whether you are embarking on a long, planned walk, whether you are running errands for the day, or you are just walking around in your house. The length of your walk will play a role in what the best walking socks for you are. 

    best hiking socks

    Secondly, where is your walk? Are you going on a hike on a mountain, walking on a paved, flat road, or are you walking somewhere that has a slippery surface?

    Lastly, the season needs to be taken into account. This plays a large role in determining the sock you choose, and the overall comfort that you will endure on your walk. 

    As we get into the best socks for walking, we will describe which scenario each sock is best suited for, but it is important to have these considerations thought out beforehand so that it makes choosing the best walking sock that much easier. 

    best hiking socks uk

    Best Socks for Walking

    Ankle Length Grip Socks

    Our ankle-length grip socks are the perfect walking socks for summer. The length of these socks ensures that your legs and ankles won’t get too hot and sweaty in the scorching summer months.

    Having shorter socks also means that you won’t end up with a nasty sock tan from walking, either, which we know almost everyone wants to try and avoid.

    Our ankle grip socks are designed to be some of the best anti-blister socks for walking. This is thanks to the rubber grips on the sole of the socks. The grip helps to prevent your foot from sliding up and down in your shoe, which eliminates chafing and minimizes the chance of getting blisters. 

    best walking socks women's

    There is nothing worse than being on a long walk and suddenly getting a whole bunch of blisters. So this design is a massive benefit. 

    These socks are also designed to give you more stability when walking. They reduce your chances of falling, which also helps to reduce knee and ankle injuries. 

    They are also made with stretchy and breathable material, which makes them super comfortable, and great for long-distance walking. 

    These socks are great for walking on the road, on clear paths, at home, or in shops. The only place that they might not be so well suited for is if you are hiking up a mountain. 

    The only reason for this is that the shortness of this sock does not provide protection for your ankles from branches, stones, and poisonous thorns. 

    best walking socks for women

    Why It’s Great 

    • Ensure that your ankles and legs don’t get too hot in the summer months
    • Will not leave you with a sock tan 
    • Prevent blisters from forming 
    • Increased stability 
    • Less chance of falling or getting injured

    Who It’s Right For 

    • People who walk in hot conditions
    • People who want to reduce their chance of getting blisters

    Mid-calf Length Grip Socks

    We have a variety of mid-calf length grip socks, including red grip socks and purple socks with grips. And, we can guarantee that they make some of the best walking socks for women and men.

    Our mid-calf length socks are by far the most versatile walking socks that we have.

    best walking socks for men

    These socks can be worn in both summer and winter (provided the seasons don’t go through too many extremes). They are not full length, so they are still cool enough to be worn in the summer, but the little bit of extra height also provides some additional warmth for your ankles which our ankle socks do not. 

    Our mid-calf length socks can also be worn wherever, quite literally, you decide to walk. They are greatest for hiking and trail walks as they will protect your ankles from scratches and poisonous plants. But, they can also be worn when you are walking on the road, in shops, or anywhere that you would like to. 

    Similarly to our ankle-length grip socks, these socks are also designed to eliminate blisters, provide you with stability, minimize falls, and reduce your chances of getting injuries.

    These factors are particularly helpful when you are doing long trail walks or hikes. Hiking trails are usually very unstable, so the added stability and support that these socks provide are a massive help. 

    Why It’s Great 

    • They are extremely versatile and can be used in any conditions
    • They protect your ankles from getting scratched by branches and rocks 
    • Extra stability for uneven surfaces
    • Reduce the chance of injury 

    best hiking socks for women

    Who It’s Right For 

    • People who enjoy hiking and trail walking 
    • People who don’t want to own lots of different socks, but rather want a few versatile ones
    • People who require extra support and stability when walking 

    Compression Grip Socks

    We have some of the best walking compression socks available. Not only do our compression socks come with all the usual benefits of compression socks, but they also come with under sole grip, too.

    This means that you get the benefits of decreased swelling, muscle pain, better blood circulation, and increased muscle recovery along with the benefits of the added grip. The grip benefits include fewer blisters, more stability, reduced injuries, and more support and control. 

    You might be wondering if you should be wearing compression socks while walking, if it is just walking after all, and not as intense as running. 

    best socks for walking

    But, you will be happy to know that there are a few instances when wearing compression socks for walking are extremely beneficial. 

    We will provide a few examples of when these compression grip socks will be best for you. 

    Firstly, if you have had an operation and are in hospital for a few days, compression walking socks are highly recommended. This is particularly true for operations such as bariatric surgery. Compression socks help prevent edema and blood clots and are crucial when you start walking again. 

    In this case, the grip on these socks is also beneficial. Hospital floors are quite slippery, and usually, you are quite out of it after surgery, so our compression grip socks will help you steady yourself and not fall.  

    Secondly, compression grip socks are great to wear while hiking. Hikes can be very long distances, so compression socks are extremely useful in this case. Particularly if you are doing multiple-day hikes. These socks will help you to recover quickly and be ready for the next day. 

    So, as you can see, compression grip socks are great for walking, too, and really have a multitude of benefits to offer. 

    best women's hiking socks

    Why It’s Great 

    • Helps with recovery after some surgeries
    • Prevents slipping on hospital floors
    • Quicker muscle recovery when hiking 
    • Prevents blood pooling 
    • Improves blood circulation  

    Who It’s Right For 

    • Patients recovering from bariatric surgery and other major surgeries
    • People who are going on long hikes
    • People who need help improving their blood circulation 
    • People who are a high risk for blood clots

    best men's hiking socks


    As you can see, choosing walking socks may be a little more complicated than you previously thought. 

    When you are choosing walking socks, we highly recommend that you take the considerations that we mentioned into account. 

    The last thing that you want when going on a long hike, or just walking in your neighborhood, is to feel uncomfortable, in pain, or be a fall or injury risk. 

    These are all things that can be avoided if you choose the right walking sock. So, do yourself a favor, and give your walking socks a bit more time and thought when you next have to get new ones. 

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