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    Walking Socks for Summer

    walking socks for summer

    If you’re looking to take a stroll this summer with family or up your hiking game, it’s essential to get the right gear for the trip. That means sturdy shoes, sun protection, and a walking stick or two. But to us, the most important piece of gear for the summer is walking socks. 

    Without the right ventilation, protection, and grip, you’ll be left with aching and blistered feet. And if you thought any old sock would do, you’re sorely mistaken.

    We’ve gathered our picks for the best walking socks for summer. Browse this catalogue and find the sock that suits your aesthetic and athletic needs. We also provide you with a comprehensive buyer's guide to help you make the best choice for your unique sock needs. 

    What this article covers:

    Best Summer Walking Socks

    These are our picks for the best summer walking socks. We’ll provide a brief overview of the sock type and list the greatest benefits and features of every option. 

    Ankle Grip Socks 

    Our pick for the best sock for summer walking is ankle grip socks and it’s our choice for several reasons. They’re also our signature walking socks for women

    walking socks summer

     First, ankle socks are by nature a lot cooler than most other socks. They only cover the foot and not the leg, with leaves your skin with more room to breathe. They provide minimal coverage while still providing a great amount of protection. 

    Second, our ankle grip socks provide ample ventilation. The cotton blend is breathable and moisture-absorbent, meaning the socks work with you and never against you. No matter how far you walk, you won’t have to deal with hot and soggy feet. 

    Third, our ankle socks provide an amazing amount of support. The sock sole is covered with sturdy rubber grippers, which provide intense traction inside your walking shoes. This extra grip will give you more balance and align your feet, neck, and spine for optimal body alignment and less pain. 

    And finally, our ankle socks sport our signature anti-blister technology. The seamless interior and shoe grip prevent rubbing and chafing on the skin. You can walk long distances without having to deal with raw and aching feet.

    socks for hiking in summer


    • Perfect for hot summer weather
    • Ventilation holes on top of the socks
    • Breathable cotton blend
    • Grip support for easier and safer movement
    • Increased stability on even the toughest terrain
    • Anti-blister technology for painless walking
    • Signature sporty design

    Mid-Calf Length Grip Socks/Crew Socks

    The next option for summer walking is our mid-calf length grip socks. They feature our signature style and design and provide all goodness our clients have come to expect from our socks. 

    Like ankle-length grip socks, midcalf-length grip socks are built with our seamless anti-blister design, making them the best socks to prevent blisters when hiking. The rubber grippers also ensure the best balance and body alignment on your walk. 

    best summer hiking socks

    And even though our mid-calf length grip socks cover more skin, they’re still cool. The sock material is breathable and the ventilation holes along the sock provide the perfect cooling system for even the hottest days.

    They’re also the best socks for hiking. Whether they’re ankle or calf length, hiking shoes are notorious for chafing leg skin. Luckily, our crew socks are a thin but effective buffer between your feet and your hiking shoes. 

    best hiking socks for summer

    Another amazing benefit of mid-calf length grip socks is the compression banding. Our socks are designed with banding (sections on the sock where the material is banded together and tighter) that offers more foot support. The banding around the foot arch, the ankle, and the lower calf will help keep you stable and supported on long walks and hikes. 

    Finally, the last reason mid-calf length socks make great walking socks for summer is the colour choices. From white football grip socks to bright blue football grip socks, we’ve got a colour for every day of the week and every aesthetic. 

    best socks for summer hiking 


    • Perfect for hot summer weather, even with more length
    • Ventilation holes on the top and leg of the socks
    • Breathable cotton blend
    • Grip support for easier and safer movement
    • Banding for increased foot and ankle support
    • Increased stability on even the toughest terrain
    • Anti-blister technology for painless walking
    • Prevents hiking leg chafing
    • Signature sporty design
    • Variety of colour options

    Compression Socks

    Compression socks for walking are a game-changer for anyone struggling with circulatory issues or muscle strain. It’s also perfect if you’re healing from an injury. 

    Our compression grip socks are top-of-the-range. Not only do they look good, but they’re guaranteed to help you feel good too. 

    Like other compression gear, compression grip socks improve circulation and prevent or decrease muscle fatigue. This is especially useful if you’re walking long distances but want to avoid the muscle drain that comes after the walk is done. 

    Compression socks also stabilize the body. 

    best summer walking socks

    Our compression socks are knee length, which means they align the ankle and the knees. As we know, foot and knee alignment has a bottom-up effect of aligning the hips and the back. 

    Combine this with the intense stability created by our sole grippers, and you’ve got yourself the superhero version of compression socks. 

    Of course, one of the issues you might face is heat, especially if you have to choose between compression socks or stockings. With a knee-high length, compression socks might be too hot for summer. 

    Luckily, our compression socks aren’t the medical-grade kind. The breathable material still offers ventilation without taking any of the benefits away. As a bonus, they’re adjustable. If the knee length is too much for you, lower the sock cuff until it is the length you desire. 

    If you’re looking to boost your performance, increase your recovery time, or prevent injury while walking and hiking, our compression socks are the way to go. 


    • Ventilation holes for increased breathability
    • Super stretchy material
    • Comfortable compression level
    • Adjustable sock length
    • Grip support for easier and safer movement
    • Anti-blister technology
    • Prevent walking and hiking leg chafing
    • Signature sporty design

    How to Choose the Best Walking Socks for Summer

    You have three amazing summer walking sock options to choose from and a plethora of other options online. But unfortunately, not all socks are made equal. 

    Let’s take a look at key factors that could impact your experience and your purchasing choices when buying socks. 

    best walking socks for hot weather


    The first thing to consider is length. If you’re looking for a summer walking sock, it would be better to go for a sock that covers less of your leg and leaves more room for your skin to breathe.

    Some of the most common options are ankle socks, quarter crew, and micro crew socks. Crew socks are also a great option, especially if you’re trying to avoid chafing from a boot. 

    If you need leg support from compression socks or a full-length sock, you can still opt for a longer sock. Just make sure the sock material is breathable, like our cotton blends.

    best hiking socks summer


    The material a sock is made of can have a major impact on how the sock feels and looks. But let’s consider how the sock material will affect your summer walking. 

    Because it’s summer, we’d suggest getting a sock made from a lighter material like cotton. It’‘s not as hot or thick as other materials and provides enough support without cutting off ventilation. 

    Cotton or cotton blends also provide cushioning, something that can be lost when searching for a good summer sock. If the compression banding is done right, your socks should provide ample cushioning on the ball and heel of your feet. 

    Of course, there are always exceptions. If you are allergic to cotton, you can opt for a synthetic blend that still stays thin. Or, if you want a ton of cushioning, you can purchase wool or bamboo walking socks. 

    If you would like to know more about sock materials, check out our guide on the best sock materials. 


    Sock breathability comes down to two main things: material and ventilation. The material, as we discussed above, should be thinner. This won’t cause as much heat and prevents excessive sweating.

    best hot weather hiking socks

    As for ventilation, you’ll want a summer walking sock with ventilation holes. These holes are present on the top part of the sock. If the sock is longer, you’ll have extra ventilation holes on the section that hugs the leg. 

    These holes let air through the material which cools the skin, prevents excessive sweating and overheating, and prevents blisters and fungus from hot and moist shoes. If you want more ventilation, make sure the socks have more ventilation holes. 


    Of course, we all want durable socks. It’s the best way to ensure you get your money’s worth. Unfortunately, many companies don’t care about creating long-lasting socks. 

    The best way to ensure you get the best durable socks is to buy from a company you trust. Check out what materials they use–organic and synthetic mixes are the best combination of stretch and strength–and keep an eye on reviews. It’s the fastest way to know whether the socks you’re looking to buy are worth the money. 

    Finally, remember that even the best socks will suffer from intense use. If you know you’re going to use the socks until they’re threadbare, choose a brand like ours that produces socks that can withstand such use.  

    best hiking socks for hot weather

    Fit & Grip

    Material is truly everything when it comes to socks and it’s especially true when we consider fit and grip. Ideally, a walking sock will sit comfortably. It should hug the foot and shouldn’t have any loose folds. These will only cause blisters in the long run. 

    For the best fit, find socks that use a blend of organic and synthetic materials. Materials like cotton and wool are natural and provide a strong sock base. But on their own, they’re not great at sitting snugly or retaining their shape. 

    A synthetic elastic, nylon, or polyester addition will improve the fit immensely. It increases the stretch and helps walking socks retain their shape even after intense use. 


    Support is always important in footwear, especially if you’re planning on walking long distances. Luckily, socks can provide added support through the addition of banding. This is when certain parts of the sock provide compression. The strategic placement provides arch and ankle support. 

    If you need more foot support or suffer from conditions like flat feet, look for socks with compression banding. Luckily, it’s easy to see when they have banding. The socks will have thicker pieces that look almost like bandage inserts around the ankle and the foot arch. 

    best lightweight hiking socks for summer


    If you’re travelling long distances on foot, you’re going to sweat. There is no avoiding it. But sweat can lead to fungal infections, discomfort, and blisters. To avoid this, it’s important to get socks that provide a good amount of moisture absorption. 

    Thick socks make you sweat more and their drying time is low. In summer this can be a problem. Luckily, thinner socks like the ones we mentioned above, provide great sweat absorption and quick drying times. 

    And if you have to choose a material for its drying time, go for full synthetic or synthetic and organic blends. 100% Natural socks take the longest to dry and create the most heat. 


    The last thing to consider when buying socks is the price. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Socks get run through, no matter how much you paid for them. 

    You can find many summer walking socks that are great quality for reasonable prices. Our socks are a prime example of this. But, if you pay an unbelievably low price for your socks, they’re likely unbelievably bad. 

    If your goal is to have socks that last long but don’t break the bank, aim for mid-ground sock companies that offer fair prices and good sock materials, like GainTheEdge

    best socks for hiking in hot weather


    Quality walking socks can make a huge difference to your walking game. But with so many options on the market, finding the pair that’s right for your needs can be a little overwhelming. 

    Fortunately, this buyer's guide condenses everything you need to know about buying walking socks and provides three walking sock options we’re sure you’ll love. Browse the sock designs and choose the one with the benefits and features you need. 

    From comfortable anti-blister designs to compression socks that prevent muscle fatigue, GainTheEdge grip socks are the best socks for all your summer walking needs. 

    Walking Socks for Summer (FAQs)

    Are thick or thin socks better for walking?

    It depends on what you want during your walk. For summer, thinner socks will be better. It will absorb moisture and has enough ventilation to prevent uncomfortable walking conditions. A thinner sock will also prevent blisters, as a faster drying time and less wet friction prevents the skin from being rubbed raw. 

    best socks for hot weather

    But, if you are walking through rough terrain or you’re walking a very long distance, a thick sock might be better. Thick socks retain moisture more and can be very hot to walk with, especially in summer. But they act as a buffer and cushion between your feet and the hard sole of your shoe. 

    What is the difference between walking socks and hiking socks?

    The biggest difference between normal walking socks and hiking socks is the thickness. Walking socks are thinner and cooler whereas hiking socks are made of thicker materials like wool. It’s made with thicker materials to cushion the feet and provide comfort on long hikes. 

    You can still use normal walking socks for hikes. If you buy a quality pair of walking socks, you’ll notice they still provide ample support and cushioning without the price tag of premium hiking socks. 

    Should I wear one or two pairs of socks when walking?

    It depends on two factors: the quality of the sock and the distance of the walk. If you have high-quality socks that fall in the mid-weight sock category, then you’ll only need one pair of socks.

    On the other hand, if you’re walking long distances and struggle with blisters, we’d suggest putting on two pairs of socks. It’ll be hotter and the added sweat won’t feel great but you’ll have more cushioning and less chafing. 

    Of course, personal preference is also something to consider. If you feel you need extra support for even short walks, put on an extra pair. And if you’d rather have cooler feet while walking long distances, get anti-blister socks like the ones we mentioned above. 

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