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    Socks for Yoga with Grips

    socks for yoga with grips

    Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, you’ll know how crucial it is for your feet to be secure and comfortable for your routines. That’s why it’s important to get yourself a pair of socks for yoga with grips.

    Grip socks can improve your yoga practice experience, and technique, in many ways. And that’s where we come in.

    In this article, we will go through various types of grip socks, and elaborate on why they are some of the best grip socks for yoga.

    What this article covers:

    Best Yoga Grip Socks

    Ankle Length Grip Socks 

    In our opinion, our ankle-length grip socks are the best grip socks for yoga. 

    The main reason for this is mostly due to their length. Ankle-length socks are the most common length socks used for yoga. There are a few reasons for this. Most people find them more comfortable than longer socks, and they give more of a natural, barefoot feeling when you’re practising yoga.

    best pilates grip socks uk

    Having shorter ankle socks also allows you to keep cool during your yoga session, and is ideal if you live somewhere with a hot climate, or are someone who sweats a lot. 

    Often, a worry is that ankle socks will slip off of your feet when you are practising yoga. This is not the case with ours. They fit securely and are designed to sit on your malleolus. This means that they are slightly longer than some ankle socks, and the chances of them slipping off are very slim. 

    Our ankle grip socks are moisture-wicking, and the grips on the sole of the socks will ensure that you don’t slip and slide during your yoga session. The added grip also allows you to hold certain, difficult, poses that might not be possible without them. 

    These socks are comfortable, and a fantastic buy from yogis ranging from beginners to pros. They are also very affordable, and you can buy four pairs for a very reasonable £22.00.

    The great thing about these socks is that they are also very versatile, and can also be considered the best sports socks, the best gymnastic grip socks, and the best gym socks for women

    yoga socks with grips

    Why It’s Great

    • They are extremely comfortable 
    • They are moisture wicking 
    • These socks are secure, and will not fall off easily 
    • They ensure that you don’t slip while practising yoga 
    • They help you to remain in difficult positions for tricky yoga poses

    Who It’s Right For 

    • Beginner or professional yogis
    • If you are someone who sweats a lot 
    • If you live in a hot country 
    • If you want some more confidence and support during certain yoga poses 

    Midcalf Length Grip Socks 

    Our midcalf length grip socks, including our purple socks with grips, are also another great option for grip socks for yoga. These socks are also versatile, as they are the best golf socks and are great grip socks for the trampoline

    Midcalf length socks aren’t the most common length of yoga grip socks like the ankle length is, but they are still very effective. 

    After all, the length of the yoga socks you use is often more of a personal preference and doesn’t really affect your performance or how you practice yoga.

    grippy socks for yoga

    Just like our ankle grip socks, these midcalf length grip socks are secure, they will prevent you from slipping, and give you the confidence to hold certain yoga poses that might be challenging without them. 

    They are also extremely comfortable, moisture-wicking, and will prevent blisters from forming when using them. 

    The added length of these socks is very beneficial for yogis living in colder areas. Yoga is not a high-intensity form of activity, so if you live in cooler areas, you might struggle to warm up. The added length of these yoga socks can help you with this, and help keep you warm and on top of your game while practising. 

    Similarly to our ankle grip socks, you can also get these socks for a steal of £22.00 for four pairs. 

    Why It’s Great

    • They prevent you from slipping 
    • The added length of the socks keeps you warm in colder climates 
    • They give you extra stability and confidence 
    • They prevent blisters from forming 

    Who It’s Right For

    • Yogis who want a bit more stability
    • Yogis who practice in cooler climates and want a bit more warmth 
    • Yogis who are after extremely comfortable yoga socks

    yoga grip socks

    Compression Grip Socks 

    This might seem surprising, but compression socks don’t just make good rugby grip socks, and they aren’t just the best basketball socks

    Our compression grip socks are very beneficial when it comes to practising yoga.

    One of the biggest purposes that compression socks serve is to increase circulation and blood flow in your body. Yoga is also aimed at doing this, which is why they complement each other so well.

    When you are practising yoga, you need to have balance, focus, strength, stability, and endurance. Compression socks can help to make sure that you achieve these aspects. 

    For example, since they help increase circulation, this will keep your blood flowing freely, and prevent your legs from feeling heavy and fatigued. This can help you achieve focus, and enhance your endurance. 

    Additionally, the compression around your ankles and legs, in combination with the added grip, will help with your balance and stability. 

    Lastly, they also increase your stamina and endurance by keeping oxygen flowing through your legs.

    grip yoga socks

    On top of the compression benefits, these socks also have all the benefits that the grip provides. This includes preventing slipping, extra stability, extreme comfort, and more confidence when practising yoga. 

    And finally, since these compression socks can be altered from midcalf length to full length, they are also great for cooler conditions. 

    You can get four pairs of our compression grip socks for £50.00.

    Why It’s Great

    • They increase blood circulation 
    • They help with stability 
    • They improve balance 
    • They enhance your focus 

    Who It’s Right For

    • People who want additional help with blood circulation 
    • People who need help with focus and stability 
    • Yogis who want to improve their balance 
    • People practising in colder climates 

    Best Yoga Socks with Grip: Buyer's Guide


    The material that your yoga grip socks are made out of is something that you seriously want to take into account. 

    Firstly, when looking for yoga grip socks, you want to ensure that the material that they are made out of is moisture-wicking. This is necessary because if you sweat a lot during your session, and the material is not moisture-wicking, it can cause you to slip. 

    non slip socks yoga

    Materials that are good for this are either nylon or polyester. Natural or protein-based fibres are not so good when it comes to moisture-wicking. 

    Something else that you want to consider in terms of the material is its elasticity and comfort. Our recommended materials are a cotton and elastic blend, with silicon for the grips.


    When looking at what grip your yoga grip socks come with, you want to look at what the grips are made out of, as well as the pattern of the grips.

    The best material for the grips is generally silicon. 

    Different grip socks also have differently placed and shaped grips. What you choose should either be full coverage of the sole, specific to your gait, or where you place most pressure. 

    For example, if you feel that, during yoga, you place most of the pressure on your toes, make sure that the grip covers that area. 

    yoga non slip socks


    The style of the yoga grip socks you choose mostly comes down to personal preference. 

    Style refers to the length of your yoga grip socks. Whether they are ankle length, midcalf length, or full length. 

    As we said, this is mostly a case of personal preference, but if you find yourself practising yoga in cooler environments, then midcalf-length or full-length yoga grip socks might be more ideal. 

    The style of your yoga socks also encompasses colours and patterns. Some yoga socks are very plain, whereas others come in bright colours and different patterns.  


    The size of the yoga socks you buy is more important than you may think. Because you are wearing these socks without shoes on, it is much easier for them to slide off of your feet if you get a size that is too big. 

    Not only can it mess with your poses and positioning if your socks slide off, but it can also be quite dangerous and cause you to slip or fall. 

    Try and stay away from large size ranges, and try to get a pair of socks that are very specific to your size. This way, you will minimize the chance of them falling off while practising.

    non slip yoga socks


    One of the most important aspects that you want to consider when buying yoga grip socks is comfort. 

    You need to get yoga grip socks that are comfortable and will not bother you. 

    If you get yoga socks that are not 100% comfortable for you, this can cause you to be distracted and lose focus while you are practising. 

    This is the last thing you want, as yoga is all about immense focus and blocking out all distractions. 

    We would recommend going for good-quality socks that are comfortable and that you will enjoy wearing. 


    Price is another thing that you need to take into consideration. Yoga grip socks come in a variety of price ranges, so you need to assess your budget before making the purchase. 

    The nice thing about yoga grip socks is that you can get very good quality socks for quite low prices. With this being said, you also don’t want to spend as little as possible on your socks and be stuck with low-quality socks. 

    We would suggest looking for socks in the midrange of prices if this still falls in your budget. Luckily for you, our grip socks are high in quality without breaking the bank.

    best yoga socks

    Benefits of Using Grip Socks for Yoga

    Stability & Control 

    The main benefit of wearing yoga grip socks while practising is that they give you more stability and control. 

    The added grips on the soles of the socks help to keep you stable during certain poses, and they give you more control of these poses, too, as they prevent accidental slipping. 

    When wearing yoga grip socks, your poses and transitions will be a lot more steady and efficient. This added control and stability will help you to improve your yoga poses and abilities. 

    Prevent Injuries 

    Certain yoga poses can be really difficult to hold, especially for beginners. The added stability that you get from yoga grip socks helps to ensure that you don’t slip and fall when holding these difficult poses, or transitioning to other ones. 

    Additionally, yoga grip socks also give your ankles support. A lot of yoga poses involve going up onto your toes and holding positions there. This can be quite hard if you don’t have good ankle stability, as your ankle can collapse or twist. Yoga grip socks help with this, especially the longer ones. 

    So, grip socks are crucial if you want to make sure that you don’t pick up any unwanted injuries during yoga. 

    yoga non slip toe socks

    Enhances Confidence 

    The additional stability, support, and control that yoga grip socks offer enhance your confidence when practising yoga, especially if you are a beginner. 

    They give you the confidence that you won’t fall and hurt yourself, and they also help you feel more confident in holding your poses as they are a lot more stable and controlled.

    Postural Alignment 

    Yoga grip socks are also beneficial in helping with postural alignment. In yoga practice, postural alignment is essential, but it can also be quite challenging to maintain. 

    It takes a lot of time and practice to ensure your feet and joints stay in the right position, especially for beginners. Having yoga grip socks can help keep your feet in the correct position, and help you to achieve the correct postural alignment, and as a result master the poses you might not’ve been able to without them.

    no slip yoga socks


    As I am sure you can tell, there are a lot of different yoga grip socks that you can get. Each of them has different features and purposes that they serve, but at the end of the day, the ones that you choose come down to personal preference and what works best for you. 

    Just like when choosing the best CrossFit socks, or the best socks for tennis, you need to look at what style and features you find fit you best. 

    As long as the yoga socks that you choose have some sort of grip to them, the rest of the features don’t matter too much. 

    Socks for Yoga With Grips (FAQs)

    Do grip socks make a difference for yoga?

    Yes, they do. While you might miss out on the grounding experience of practising in bare feet, it will help increase performance and fitness benefits.

    Why do people wear grip socks for yoga?

    People use grip socks for yoga to keep their feet from slipping in their shoes or on the mat during a routine. They’re also great for keeping your feet warm during colder months.

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