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    Should I Wear Compression Socks While Walking?

    should i wear compression socks while walking

    Whether you’re a professional sportsperson or just an avid hiker, you’ve probably heard that compression socks are a great way to boost performance. And you’d be right and thinking so.

    But what about walking?

    If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Should I wear compression socks while walking?”, then you’ve come to the right place.

    In this article, we’ll be giving you the answers to that exact question. Plus, we’ll also let you in on the numerous benefits of using compression socks for walking. So, if you’re curious, explore our full guide below.

    What this article covers:

    Should You Wear Compression Socks While Walking?

    Yes, especially if you enjoy going on extended hikes or walks.

    Wearing compression stockings or socks when you walk can help your legs and your health in many ways.

    From a shorter recovery time to a reduced risk of injury, there are countless benefits to using them. You’ll find yourself going on longer hikes with less soreness in no time.

    And if you get compression socks with grips, you're less likely to slip or have an accident.

     compression socks while walking

    What Are Compression Socks?

    Compression socks are a type of sock that puts pressure on your legs and feet. They are made of stretchy materials that gently squeeze the muscles in the legs to get more blood flowing.

    Compression socks work by:

    • Putting different levels of pressure on your legs and feet

    • Putting the most pressure on your foot and less pressure as you move up your calf or thigh

    • Pushing the blood up towards the heart, improving blood flow and lowering the risk of clots

    different types of compression socks

    Who Should Wear Compression Socks While Walking?

    Compression socks are an excellent choice for a wide range of people, including:

  • Athletes and active individuals: If you're an athlete or just generally an active person, you can get a lot out of wearing compression socks when you walk or hike.

    Because of all the benefits we listed above, they're a great addition to an active lifestyle. You'll notice them quickly improving your performance, recovery, and overall health.

  • People with pre-existing conditions: If you have any pre-existing conditions such as varicose veins or lymphedema, it can actually be quite important to use compression socks while walking or doing other exercise.

    They are great for preventing new issues, as well as treating the issues you might already have.

    If you have a pre-existing injury, then compression stockings or socks can also help with this. Even just wearing one compression sock on your injured leg can make a difference.

  • Individuals who spend long periods sitting or standing: If you sit or stand for long periods at once, compression socks will be very beneficial to you. Long periods of sitting or standing increase your risk of blood clots and other problems caused by poor circulation.
  • With compression socks, you can avoid these issues. This is because, as we've mentioned, they increase circulation and lower your chance of blood clots.

    This makes them an ideal choice if you spend long periods sedentary at home or at work, or if you’re constantly active.

    compression stockings or socks

    Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks While Walking

    Wearing compression socks while walking has a ton of benefits for not only your legs but also your overall health

    In fact, they make some of the best walking socks. In this section, you’ll find out why as we list some of the most important benefits of using them for walking.

    Decreased Muscle Fatigue & Soreness

    Compression socks put gentle pressure on your muscles, which can help reduce muscle pain and fatigue while walking and after. By bringing more blood and oxygen to the muscles, compression socks can reduce the buildup of lactic acid which will aid in recovery. This, in turn, reduces your chance of leg pain and discomfort.

    If you get compression socks that are anti-blister or are summer walking socks, you’ll also reduce your risk of chafing.

    benefits of flight socks

    Increased Blood Flow & Oxygenation to Muscles

    By increasing blood circulation to your muscles and blood vessels, they also get more oxygen. This will make you feel less stiff, while also increasing your energy. In turn, this can help boost your performance and allow you to walk or hike for longer without getting tired or uncomfortable.

    Reduced Risk of Injury

    By supporting the muscles and reducing the pressure on your tendons and ligaments, compression socks can help you avoid certain injuries. This includes repetitive injuries like shin splints and stress fractures.

    If you go for compression socks with grips, you can also avoid injuries by reducing the chance of slipping or falling.

    Improved Athletic Performance

    It’s a well-known fact that compression socks can also help you improve your athletic performance. In terms of walking, this fact remains true. 

    You'll be able to exercise with better efficiency for longer and recover faster between walks, games, or workouts.

    wear compression socks for walking

    Enhanced Recovery Post-Exercise

    By speeding up muscle repair and reducing swelling, compression socks can also reduce your post-workout recovery time. Not only that, but they also reduce stiffness and pain through their gentle pressure on your feet and legs.

    This makes it super easy to keep up your exercise or walking regimen, especially if you like to walk every day.

    Improved Balance & Stability

    In addition to all their other benefits, compression socks are also great for balance and stability. They improve these things by sending proprioceptive signals to the muscles and joints of the lower leg.

    These are the signals that give our brain the ability to determine information without even looking. Pretty neat, isn't it?

    This is great if you're older or just struggle with balance.

    Reduced Risk of Blood Clots

    If you sit or stand for long periods of time, then compression socks are even more important for you.

    When you only do one thing, such as sitting or standing, for too long, then your risk of blood clots is higher.

    flight socks benefits

    This is where compression socks come in. By increasing blood flow and keeping blood from pooling in your legs, compression socks lower your chance of blood clots. This also means that you’ll have a reduced risk of other blood clot-related health issues such as deep vein thrombosis.

    Reduced Swelling

    After walking for a long time, you might find your feet and legs swelling up. Compression socks can help reduce leg swelling because they improve blood flow and keep fluid from building up in the tissues.


    As you can see, there are a ton of benefits to using compression socks for your walks. Because they reduce muscle fatigue and recovery time, they're great for performance and for your health.

    When choosing a pair of compression socks for walking or hiking, you should always pay attention to compression level, length, material, and fit.

    So whether you're an athlete looking to improve your performance or live a sedentary lifestyle and want to improve your health, compression socks can help almost anyone. Whether you’re looking for walking socks for women or men, we’ve got you covered at Gain The Edge.

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