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    Best Walking Socks (Women's)

    walking socks womens

    Whether you’re an athlete looking to up your game or an everyday Jane looking for comfortable socks for afternoon strolls, choosing the right sock can have a massive impact on the health of your feet.

    Today, we’ll guide you through our picks for the best walking socks (women's), from compression socks to ankle socks. We’ll also cover the benefits of each and discuss who they’re right for. 

    With this list as your purchasing guide, you can make an informed choice that keeps your feet happy and supported. 

    What this article covers:

    Best Women's Walking Socks

    From knee-high winter walking socks to compression socks that provide full body support, here are our picks for the best women’s walking socks. 

    Mid-Calf Grip Socks

    GainTheEdge mid-calf grip socks are the best walking socks and we firmly believe every person should own at least one pair. Made of a breathable cotton blend and engineered to provide insane support, our grip socks have been voted the number one grip sock for improved performance.

    There are four big reasons they have been voted the number one mid-calf grip sock. 

    hiking socks women

    First, they provide amazing stability. The sock bands hug the foot and ankle with firm pressure. The bands support the foot arch and the Achilles tendon and provide wearers with the confidence to walk for long distances. 

    Second, the socks are great for more than long distances–they’re also great for tough terrains. The rubber grippers on the sole of the sock prevent feet from slipping inside the shoe. This helps prevent injuries and increases performance confidence. 

    The third benefit is full body alignment. Because the socks secure your feet on the shoe base and improve posture, the body alignment is stabilized and optimized for even the most uneven terrain. 

    Not only does this prevent new knee or hip injuries from forming but it relieves pain from old ones. 

    And finally, the sock's breathable material and mid-calf length guarantee support and comfort no matter the weather. From hot summer days to chilly autumn mornings, mid-calf-length walking socks will be great for all your walking needs. 

    best womens walking socks

    As an added bonus, the mid-calf grip socks come in a variety of colors. Whether you want red grip socks or purple grippy socks, we’ve got a color that will suit your aesthetic. 

    Why They’re Great

    • Non-slip grip improves body alignment. 
    • Extra stability prevents injuries. 
    • The extra grip maximizes performance. 
    • Come in a variety of colors. 
    • The length is perfect for both warm and cool days. 

    Who They’re Right for

    • People who take long walks.
    • People looking for an everyday walking sock that works great in any weather.  
    • Athletes or hikers looking for extra grip. 

    best women's walking socks

    Full-Length Grip Socks

    The big brother and more specialized version of the mid-calf grip sock is the full-length grip sock

    Like mid-calf grip socks, full-length grip socks provide amazing walking support for walkers, athletes, and hikers. The socks’ banding supports the arch of the foot and Achilles tendon, and the rubber grippers stabilize the foot in the sock to prevent slipping. 

    With more stability comes more confident walking and better knee, hip, and back alignment. 

    But, there are two big differences between the full-length grip sock and the other socks on this list: warmth and knee support. 

    walking socks women

    Full-length grip socks pull up the leg and over the knee. While Gain The Edge socks aren’t super thick–this could hinder sports performance–our cotton blend socks are breathable and warm. Especially our full-length grip socks. 

    If you’re doing long walks or hikes in winter, our socks will keep your feet warm. It will also keep your muscles pliable, which improves mobility and prevents injury. 

    The second benefit of our full-length walking socks is knee support. The socks provide a band of light pressure on the calf and knees, acting like a mild compression sleeve and improving stability. If you have an old injury, a healing one, or you’re looking to prevent one, these socks will do the trick. 

    The full-length socks are also available in multiple colors, from a toned-down white to a bright red. 

    walking socks for women

    Why They’re Great

    • Great for winter weather. 
    • Keep muscles warm and malleable during strenuous activity. 
    • Non-slip grip improves body alignment. 
    • Has extra foot, calf, and knee stability that prevents injuries. 
    • The extra grip maximizes performance. 
    • The socks come in a variety of colors. 

    Who They’re Right for

    • Athletes who take long walks, especially in winter. 
    • People who need extra calf and knee support. 
    • Those looking for a sock that works like a very light compression sock. 

    Ankle Grip Socks

    Ankle grip socks cover only the foot and ankle and make for great walking socks. They’re also the best socks for hiking in summer. 

    Ankle socks are notorious for moving around and slipping into shoes, causing instability, discomfort, and blisters. Luckily, our ankle grip socks provide stability with rubber grippers on the sock sole and a design that molds to your feet. Once on, these ankle socks won’t move until you take them off.

    best ladies walking socks

    Our ankle socks are also the most effective anti-blister walking socks. The socks are seamless on the inside and on the sock heel. The only seam in the sock is the toe seam, which is smooth and crafted to look and feel invisible.

    We also use a stretchy cotton blend that hugs the contours of the foot and prevents folds from rubbing the skin raw. The material is also soft which eliminates issues like painful friction.

    And finally, ankle grip socks are great for walking in summer. The sock material is breathable and prevents sweat buildup that causes fungal infection and sores on the foot. The open ankle and leg also give your skin more room to breathe and cool down. 

    These ankle socks provide all the support you could need for summer walks and hikes. 

    Why They’re Great

    • Made from a breathable material and is the perfect length for summer weather. 
    • Comes in a variety of colors. 
    • Rubber grippers that provide stability. 
    • Secure fit that prevents material bunching.
    • Maximises performance with increased stability and comfort. 

    Who They’re Right for

    • People who need cool support in summer for walks, sports, or hiking. 
    • People who struggle with blisters from ankle socks. 
    • People who want an “invisible” walking sock. 

    Full-Length Compression Grip Socks

    If you’ve ever thought, “Should I wear compression socks while walking?”, the answer is yes. Our full-length compression grip socks offer all the benefits of compression socks and sleeves in one amazing package.

    best womens hiking socks

    These compression walking socks come with a host of benefits that help soothe old injuries and prevent new ones. 

    Long walks and hikes can cause pain, no matter how athletic you are. From shin splints to decreased circulation, the human body can only take so much. This is especially frustrating if you know you can do more but your body won’t allow it. 

    Luckily, full-length compression socks can help. These compression socks increase blood flow and provide foot, ankle, calf, and knee support that improves performance and increases endurance. 

    The increased stability of the compression sock and the rubber grippers creates more stability, which helps adjust the body and align the hips and spine for maximum agility and comfort. 

    The increased blood flow and support also prevent new injuries, not just in your legs but your whole body. The accelerated muscle recovery also decreased muscle fatigue and ups endurance. 

    And that’s not all! Full-length compression socks work wonders for people with flat feet and people who get shin splints during long walks. 

    Compression socks are also notoriously slippery because they’re usually made from smooth materials that don’t provide any grip. But these compression socks have sturdy rubber grippers that ensure that feet don’t slide around in your footwear. 

    walking socks for womens

    Why They’re Great

    • Increases blood flow and promotes healing. 
    • Prevents muscle fatigue and heavy legs. 
    • The combined support of compression socks and sleeves. 
    • Prevent shin splints. 
    • Has rubber grippers for increased stability. 

    Who They’re Right for

    • Athletes who are healing from an injury but still want to walk. 
    • People who need foot, ankle, calf, and knee support. 
    • People who experience muscle, tendon, or circulation problems. 

    Benefits of Using Walking Socks for Women 

    Walking socks aren’t just a fashion statement. They provide wearers with many benefits that increase walking confidence and improve foot health. 

    hiking socks for women

    Prevents Infections And Odors

    Socks are essential to foot health and hygiene. They are a breathable matrix that catches and dissipates sweat, which prevents germs from pooling and settling in the sole of your shoe. This can cause fungal injections, odors, and other serious health concerns. 

    Socks also prevent blisters. While blisters might not sound like a big issue, open sores in dirty shoes are. 

    Let’s say you don’t wear socks. The germs settle in the shoe, where the moisture and continued use fuel more bacterial growth. And because you’re not wearing socks, your feet develop open sores. Before you know it, germs have found their way into your body through the open sores. 

    Luckily, socks prevent this by protecting your feet from blisters and catching and removing most of the sweat and germs from your walking shoes. 

    Improves Shoe Fit

    A properly fitted shoe provides so much more than just comfort. It prevents chaffing and slipping that could hurt your skin, muscles, and bones. 

    best walking socks for womens

    Socks improve this fit by providing an extra layer around the foot. They ensure the foot sits snuggly in the shoe and prevent slipping that could lead to twisted ankles or balance issues. This snugness is especially important if you’re hiking. 

    Encourages Hip And Back Alignment

    Grip socks like the ones on this list prevent feet from slipping inside footwear. While this might sound like a minor inconvenience, slipping footwear can be dangerous for your health. 

    Not only does it make walking much more difficult, but it can cause trauma to the toes and destabilize your entire body. 

    If you’re not walking properly with a stable foundation, it can cause the knees, hips, and back to fall out of alignment. This misalignment can cause excruciating pain and permanent damage. 

    With rubber grippers and a snug and secure shoe fit, you’ll enjoy a stable walking posture that encourages hip and back alignment. 

     best hiking socks for women

    Best Ladies' Walking Socks Buyer's Guide: What to Look for 

    When buying a walking sock, look out for these green flags. Socks with these additions will improve your walking posture and keep your feet healthy. 

    A Snug Fit

    A snug fit is achieved by two things: the sock size and the sock material. When it comes to sock size, all you need to do is choose the size that matches your shoe size or is within your shoe size range. 

    Material is a little different. There are many sock material options, from bamboo to wool, and each has its benefits. But for walking shoes, it’s better to purchase a sock made from an organic and stretchy synthetic blend. 

    For example, our socks are a cotton and elastic blend that provide a snug fit and prevents material bunching or slipping. 

    womens hiking socks

    Breathable Material 

    Similar to the above point, it’s important to find a sock with a breathable material. This will help regulate your temperate, increase your comfort, and prevent sweat pooling issues like odors or infections. 

    Cotton and cotton blends are one of the most breathable materials for walking socks and offer amazing moisture control. But materials like polyester and Merino wool are also great for temperate and moisture regulation. 

    The design of the sock can also have an impact. It’s always better to look for socks with a mesh or perforated design. These types of socks have small holes or a thinner material layer on the top part of the sock. 

    Arch And Ankle Support 

    Sock banding should brace the arch of the foot and the ankle. The banding should feel a little tighter around these parts and work almost like a compression sock. Socks with support structures built into the design will provide long-term foot support and comfort.

    best walking socks for ladies 

    Anti Blister Design 

    To prevent blisters and infections and the pain that comes with them, it’s important to buy socks with anti-blister designs. Fortunately, all Gain The Edge socks are built this way. 

    Anti-blister designs minimize the seam protrusions inside socks. Unlike traditional socks, anti-blister socks will have one seam around the toes and maybe one around the heel. While other seams are hard and cause friction, anti-blister seams are soft or almost completely knitted into the sock. 

    Grip Support

    As mentioned earlier, a stable sock will improve knee, hip, and back alignment. To ensure your socks provide the best slip-free walking experience, purchase walking socks with rubber grippers on the sole. 


    Even if walking socks are thin, they should provide an adequate layer of cushioning. It will improve the wearer's comfort and provide a snugger fit and less friction. 

    When purchasing a walking sock, make sure the socks have an extra layer of cushioning along the sole. 

    best hiking socks for ladies


    Whether you’re walking for your general well-being or you’re a hiker looking for a tough sock, the right walking sock can make a big difference in your walking experience. 

    This list will help you make an informed choice. Find the sock that matches your needs the best and experience the joy of high-quality walking socks that are specifically designed to enhance your performance and improve your foot health. 

    For more grip sports socks guaranteed to improve your athletic ability, visit Gain The Edge today. 

    Best Walking Socks Womens (FAQs)

    What Type Of Socks Are Best For Walking? 

    The best walking socks are the ones that keep feet dry and don’t cause a lot of friction. There are a lot of sock blends that meet these criteria but a cotton and elastic blend like our socks is the best. 

    With cotton blends, it’s easy to create a seamless and breathable sock that causes minimal friction. 

     walking socks for ladies

    Should Walking Socks Be Thick Or Thin? 

    There is no one right thickness for walking socks. Instead, the thickness or thinness is determined by the weather more than anything else. Most socks are perfectly fine for walking as long as the sock doesn’t contain a harsh seam or scratch the skin. 

    As for temperature, the colder the weather, the thicker the sock should be. On hot days, opt for a thin sock to prevent sweat build-up and chafing. 

    However, if you decide to hike very uneven terrain, thick socks work better. It will provide an extra layer of cushioning to buffer the skin against all the movement in the shoe. 

    What Size Should My Walking Socks Be? 

    Always buy walking socks that are the same size as your shoe. If the socks don’t have specific sock sizes but rather come in size ranges like “small” or “3 o 7 UK”, choose the sock range your shoe size falls in. 

    If you can’t try on the socks because you’re buying them online, we’d suggest checking out the store’s size guide to determine the right sock size for your feet.

    hiking socks for ladies

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