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    Best Cycle Socks

    best cycle socks

    Are you looking for the best cycle socks? This is not as straightforward as it sounds. Cyclists need several factors to be in place for a good ride. The right bike, the right attitude, and the right gear—and that includes the right socks! 

    As many champion cyclists know, the socks you wear for cycling can have a big impact on your cycling performance. So if you don’t yet know where to get the best cycle socks and why they’re so important, keep reading. 

    We’ve got all the information you need to choose the best socks for cycling. Learn what to look out for and why when purchasing socks for cycling. 

    What this article covers:

    Best Cycling Socks: Everything You Need to Know

    What makes the best cycling socks? First, let’s look at why the socks you wear can make all the difference in your cycling performance.

    The last thing you need in any sport, including cycling, is for your socks to be uncomfortable! If they’re too tight or too thick, there’ll be undue pressure on your feet, constricting necessary blood flow. 

    best mens bike socks

    But the reverse is just as problematic. When socks are too loose, they can chafe or, worse, slip down continuously. Trust us, that’s a distraction you just don’t need.

    In our experience, the best socks for cycling are lightweight and snug-fitting, but never tight. They’re breathable, moisture-wicking, and give a good grip on your cycling shoes.

    Let’s turn our attention now to the general features to look for when buying cycling socks:

    What to Look For When Buying Cycling Socks

    Now that you know why good cycling socks are so vital, what should you be looking out for? 

    When choosing socks for cycling, check their specifications for:

    • Lightweight fabric - not too thin, but thin enough so as not to cause undue discomfort
    • A soft and comfortable fabric 
    • A blend of the best natural cotton with synthetic fibres, for perfect foot coverage with the right amount of stretch
    • Breathability, and moisture-wicking properties 
    • Good grip - grippy socks that hug your sports shoes are a plus 

    How to Choose the Best Cycling Socks for You

    You’re well on your way to selecting the perfect pair of cycling socks. But how do you know which pair is right for you? This is where the features you look for become a bit more personalised. Just as we all have different cycling styles, we all respond differently to different gear. 

    best mens bike sock

    Do your feet tend to get very sweaty? Are you prone to blisters? Moisture-wicking properties should be high on your list of requirements because these are the best type of socks to prevent blisters

    The socks you’ve been wearing may be cotton, but cotton socks don’t always wick away moisture effectively. They absorb the moisture but can keep it too close to the skin, causing discomfort.

    Does that mean that cotton socks are no good? No. Cotton socks are great for your feet, but sports socks need a little something extra for superior stretch and to draw moisture away from your toes and feet. Look for a polycotton or cotton and elastane blend instead.

    Are your feet badly swollen after a ride? Chances are, your socks are too tight. If your socks are too tight, it can restrict blood flow. Sports compression socks will fix this common problem quickly. And yes, you can wear them while cycling and for a while after too, for faster recovery from muscle strain post-ride.

    Make A List of Your Needs

    We’ve learned that from the schoolroom to the boardroom, and yes, even in the sports arena - life’s easier with lists. So to hone in on the attributes you most need from your cycling socks, make a list. It can be a physical list, a memo to yourself on your cell phone, or just a mental checklist. 

    best mens bike socks uk

    Whatever works for you! The important thing is to be honest with yourself about your health, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your cycling style. 

    You’ll quickly identify where you need the most support. Use this as your guide to choosing the socks you need. You may find that you need different types of sports socks for different occasions or different seasons. 

    At Gain The Edge, we understand that everyone has unique needs. That’s why we offer different styles for every need. Ankle socks, mid-calf socks, knee-length socks—you name it, we’ve got it, and in an attractive array of colours, too. 

    But they all have a few things in common. Superior quality, softness, and stretch, with the foot security only our grippy soles can give.

    Do You Really Need Cycling Socks?

    Do you have to wear socks when you cycle, or can you ride without socks? If you choose to cycle without socks, you may regret it. So yes, you can cycle sockless, but it’s not the best idea. And this is why. Without a protective layer between your feet and shoes, there’s more chance of chafing and slippage. 

    best mens bike sock uk

    The discomfort this causes may make you more prone to slippage from the pedals, which can lead to injury. But just because wearing socks when cycling is a good idea, that doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget on branded sportswear either. That does little but promote their name.

    Branded cycling-specific socks are not a necessity. Rather, focus on good socks for your unique sporting needs, and they instantly become cycling-specific socks! Because they’re specifically helpful to you.

    Our white gentle grip socks for poor circulation are an excellent example of this. Used by sportspeople from all disciplines, both amateur and professional, they will boost your performance on the track, on the field, on the court, and on your bicycle. 

    best cycle socks for men

    It’s what’s made them the best trainer socks that don't slip in the UK, and they’re excellent for keeping excess moisture at bay, too. You’ve probably heard your athlete friends talk about this. But why is moisture-wicking so important anyway? Is it all about comfort? No, there’s another essential reason.

    Very sweaty feet that have been confined in a restricted area (like your sports shoes) for an extended period of time are prone to developing athlete’s foot. This is a fungal skin condition that causes great discomfort and is also highly contagious. 

    Changing your socks regularly and opting for good moisture-wicking socks are preventive measures you can take to avoid this condition.

    best bike socks for men

    Why Make Our Socks “Cycling-Specific” Socks?

    Our grippy sports socks are used for a wide variety of sports. But so many cyclists have become fans of our socks, they also qualify as cycling-specific socks, So, what do we mean by cycling-specific socks? 

    These are socks that deal with the conditions most cyclists face. You need socks that keep your feet comfortable, prevent trapped moisture, and don’t cut off your blood circulation or slip down inside your shoes. 

    Cycling enthusiasts typically prefer lightweight socks, and for good reason. Their feet overheat and sweat less. Also, their quick-drying properties make them the best socks for travelling.

    However, that’s not the only reason our customers love our socks for travel. Our compression socks, particularly, are popular with frequent fliers and long-distance drivers. Are compression socks necessary for air travel? If you’re prone to swollen feet after long periods of sitting, then we think they are!

    Although many cyclists choose to wear long socks, it’s not for warmth, as some people think. Why do cyclists wear long socks? It’s mostly for protection in case of a fall, but also for comfort and aerodynamics. Long socks can cause less “drag” while cycling. 

    But this is only true if the socks are not too thick and textured. 

    best bike sock for men

    Things to Know About Summer (and Winter) Cycling Socks

    Do you need different cycling socks for summer and winter? 

    This depends on the climatic and weather conditions where you live or cycle. If there are extremes in temperature, you may want to invest in warmer, thicker socks for winter and thinner, cooler ones for summer. But take note: your shoes will have to accommodate these changes in thickness.

    If you habitually change to a different weight and thickness of sock due to temperature changes, it’s a good idea to have separate pairs of shoes for these different conditions, too. 

    Unless strictly necessary, stay clear of niche socks and aim for a middle ground. If you try to wear much thinner or thicker socks than usual, your shoes (which have stretched just enough to accommodate your usual riding conditions) will suddenly feel too tight or loose.

    Socks of light to medium thickness are usually sufficient to use as both summer cycling socks and winter socks. Once you’ve worked up a good momentum, your pedalling motion will encourage your blood circulation, and you’ll feel warmer anyway.

    best cycle socks uk

    Benefits of Compression Socks for Cyclists

    While these valid points apply to the average cyclist, they may not necessarily be true for you. And this is more likely if you have a medical condition affecting your circulation, such as a venous disorder, for example. Or perhaps you’re recovering from an injury and need extra support.

    This is where compression socks can be of great use. It’s a common misperception that, like too-tight socks, they will cause blisters. But the reverse is actually true. 

    In fact, not only can cyclists wear compression socks, but these socks offer several distinct benefits for cyclists.

    Ankle Support

    According to our research, compression socks help cyclists who have a weakness in that area by providing ankle and arch support. Old sporting injuries are typically the cause of this, and without the support you need, you risk doing more harm to yourself.

    Athletes in all types of sporting disciplines the world over rely on compression socks to give their ankles and arches the support they need while exercising. This is the reason why many people consider them the best socks for hiking and the best horse riding socks, too.

     best cycle sock for men

    Increases Blood Flow To Muscles 

    It’s not just the bones in your feet and legs that need protection and support, but your muscles and ligaments, too. The increased blood flow keeps your muscles in tip-top condition and improves your general cardiovascular health.

    This is indeed good news, as you need a healthy cardiovascular system for cycling. Regular cycling and wearing the right supportive gear also contribute to cardiovascular health.

    Reduces Lactic Acid Build-Up

    When your muscles use more oxygen than your blood flow can deliver at the time, your body is forced to break down glucose to generate cellular energy. This leads to the production of an organic acid known as lactic acid.

    You’ll experience fatigue, soreness, and even cramps. And where will you feel this discomfort the most? In the very muscles you need to use the most! Fortunately, we’ve found that compression socks are key to reducing the buildup of lactic acid, too.

    Best Compression Grip Socks for Cyclists

    So, where can you get a pair of the best cycle socks that also support and nurture your muscle and circulatory health? Right here at Gain The Edge. They have all the features you’re looking for in the best cycling socks and look modern and fashionable, too.

    Compression Grip Socks from GainTheEdgeOfficial

    Our Compression Grip Sock V1 is the result of our research into the best attributes of all sports socks. These socks offer good grip, support where you need it, comfort, and stretch all in one. They can be adjusted from mid-calf length to knee length, making them versatile for all types of users.

    cycle socks uk

    They boost circulation, provide support while cycling, and also accelerate muscle recovery after a long, hard ride. Whether you’re into racing or country biking, compression grip socks get you where you need to be.

    And best of all, unlike other cycling-specific socks pushed by big brands, these compression socks can be used in all sorts of situations—running, working out in the gym, hiking, and any other sport you can think of. They’re not just for cycling!

    Are you travelling to a big cycling race in another town? Don’t forget your Gain The Edge compression socks. They’ll alleviate any respiratory and circulatory issues caused by long drives or flights. So you arrive fighting and ready to ride.

    Why They're Great

    • Grips that keep your food in place in your shoe
    • Stretchy and comfortable
    • Supportive and protective
    • Boosts blood flow
    • Keeps your legs cool and dry even in sweaty conditions

    Who They're Great For

    • Compression grip socks are great for cyclists and other users who need greater sports shoe grip.
    • Sufferers of venous disorders and who are prone to varicose veins, find symptomatic relief using compression socks. 
    • Compression socks' support will be helpful to anyone who suffers from weakness in the arch and ankle due to a previous sports injury.

    Common Cycling Injuries & How Compression Socks Can Help

    Every sport has its own categories of injuries that participants are most prone to. In cycling, these include Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, shin splints, and general muscle sprains. 

    These are frequently the result of poor cycling technique, but they can also result from overworking specific foot and leg regions. Whatever the reason, you may have suffered from one or more of these maladies during your cycling career.

     best cycle sock

    Wearing compression socks is one of the most effective ways to deal with most of these injuries. They not only prevent them from occurring but also offer relief once these conditions are already present.

    How Compression Socks Prevent And Relieve Common Cycling Aches & Pains

    Compression socks are helpful for these common cycling problems because they keep muscles and ligaments elongated, prevent excess pressure on foot ligaments, improve circulation, and reduce swelling from excess lymphatic fluid and lactic buildup.

    If you’re unfamiliar with compression socks, we can understand your hesitation. But while they do exert a fair amount of pressure to achieve these results, they are not painful or uncomfortable. Wearing compression socks may take some getting used to, but you’ll soon wonder how you ever got by without them.

     best cycle socks men

    Countless cyclists and athletes worldwide have cited the virtues of compression while training. And the number of satisfied customers who have found great benefits from our compression grip socks is also rising by the day. 

    Invest in your sport and in your health with a pair of our high-quality compression grip socks today. And discover what so many before you have. They’re the best cycle socks you’ll ever own.


    At Gain The Edge, we know sports socks. And we put our expertise to good use, helping athletes of all kinds reach their full potential with the right footgear. 

    Do you want to gain an edge in cycling competitions? Or are you just looking to improve your cycling skills in general? The right socks will give you the confidence you need to give your sport your all. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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