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    Best Trainer Socks

    best trainer socks

    Ankle Socks versus Compression Socks: Which are the Best Socks for Training?Whether you’re a professional athlete or a gym enthusiast, you’ll reach your goals a lot faster with the right sports gear. Most people focus their attention on the trainers they wear. But while your sports shoes are important, so is what goes into them. For maximum performance, you need the best trainer socks.

    But what are the best trainer socks to wear while working out in the gym or playing sports? And how can you ensure that they give you the support you need without reducing your agility? We give you all the answers in this review of the best trainer socks.

    What this article covers:

    Ankle Socks versus Compression Socks: Which are the Best Socks for Training? 

    There are so many different styles of socks on the market, and even those marketed as the best socks for trainers are not always the socks best suited to your sport. So how do you know which one to choose for the gym or sport? With so many possibilities, which are the best for training? 

    best trainer socks that don't slip

    Ask any athlete or gym member which socks they prefer to wear with their trainers, and you’ll probably hear quite a few different responses. And each will be right in their way. Choose a good-quality sports sock, and you’ll probably be fine. The fact is, they all have their own distinct advantages. 

    best trainer socks that don't slip down

    Some will say low-rise or ankle socks are the best, especially in the summer heat. Others prefer mid-calf sports socks, as they offer a bit more leg coverage. Some will even hail the benefits of knee-length socks, especially in the icy grip of winter.

    But there’s one thing that everyone will agree on: the importance of trainer socks that are lightweight yet supportive and, above all, don’t slip down. However, there’s even more to consider when choosing the best trainer socks. 

    best non slip trainer socks uk

    These are the top 10 features that people look for in their trainer socks.

    • Moisture-wicking properties
    • Lightweight materials 
    • Good ankle support
    • Superior stretch that still retains its shape after a few wears
    • Versatility
    • Softness and comfort
    • Durability
    • Backed up by a name they can trust
    • Designed for active lifestyles, sports and gym 
    • Breathable and gentle on the skin

    We compared one of the most popular sock styles, the ankle sock, against the most beneficial sport sock of them all, our compression sock. 

    Ankle Socks 

    Ankle socks are cool for summer, offer trendy low-rise styling, and are usually available in an endless array of fashionable colours. 

    Depending on the brand and the materials used, they may or may not meet all the requirements in the list above.

    Compression Socks

    Compression socks are great for winter, as the longer styles offer greater leg coverage. They also have many benefits for health, disease management, and recovery from injuries. (More about that in a moment.) 

    As with the ankle socks, the brand and the materials used will determine if they meet all the requirements in the list above. 

    best trainer socks womens

    Ankle Socks versus Compression Socks

    It may surprise you to know that compression socks can offer all of the important features that good sports socks need. And they usually do so much better than ankle sports socks do. 

    They can provide better ankle support than conventional ankle trainer socks because of how compression socks are designed. But compression socks offer several more amazing benefits all of their own, and we’ll be examining what they are now. 

    What are Compression Socks?

    You may have heard of compression socks before, but what exactly are they? Compression socks (or compression stockings) are specialised hosiery designed to prevent and manage venous disorders. These include thrombosis, phlebitis, oedema, and even issues like lower leg ulcers. 

    Sportspeople also wear compression socks to lessen venous pressure and the heavy, achy, and tired feeling in their legs that can result from intense training. More and more sportspeople and gymgoers are relying on compression socks. 

    An example of this is its growing popularity among cyclists. 

    Opinions on the best cycle socks may differ, but most would agree that their sock styles can make a big difference.  Why do cyclists wear long socks? They offer less drag and better aerodynamics, but also more support. Compression socks can do all that, too, and thus are suitable for cycling. 

    trainer socks that don't slip down uk

    Can I Wear Compression Socks with Trainers?

    Yes, compression socks can be worn with your trainers. And as a bonus, these are trainer socks that don’t slip down into your shoes while working out. 

    They can be worn with most types of footwear, including almost all specialised sports shoes. This makes compression socks very versatile and user-friendly. They work just as well with hiking boots, and in our years of experience, we have found them to be the best socks for hiking

    And compression socks are not just useful for sports and recovery; they’re also the best socks for travelling. So, are compression socks necessary for air travel? If you do a lot of travelling, then yes, they are! 

    An unfortunate side effect of frequent or long-distance travel is poor blood circulation in the lower limbs. This is the result of extended periods of sitting while driving or flying. So we’ve established that compression socks are very versatile and also popular among athletes, but how do they work?

    best ladies trainer socks

    How Do Compression Socks Work?

    It’s all in the name. Compression socks work by compressing the area where they are worn. So, in the case of knee-high compression socks, the lower limb area is compressed. 

    The materials the socks are comprised of are the secret. Elastic fibres provide a taut sleeve that exerts pressure mostly at the ankles and less high up the leg. This pressure supports veins and boosts blood circulation, preventing it from pooling in the lower leg and ankle.

    Best Compression Grip Socks for Trainers

    Here at GainTheEdge, we not only offer the best non-slip trainer socks in the UK but also the best  compression socks

    Compression Grip Socks from GainTheEdge

    The Compression Grip Sock V1 is our premier compression sport sock, available in classic black in a range of sizes. Trusted by professional players, you know that you can trust them too to give you the professional level of support you need.

    best socks for trainers

    These high-quality sports socks offer the best of both worlds: non-slip grips for more confidence and agility, paired with compression technology. And in their modern black and white styling, they look good too.

    Countless satisfied customers have commented that, despite being lightweight and soft, they offer excellent coverage and support. What’s more, they’re user-friendly, too. Adjustable from midcalf to full length, you can adapt them to suit your particular needs. 

    Now everyone can enjoy faster muscle recovery, a boost in circulation, and a lower risk of injury with the UK’s number one sports socks brand. 

    The V1 Compression Grip Sock is ideal for all ages, genders, and sports disciplines. It can aid in post-workout and sports injury recovery. It’s also suitable for supporting your venous health and managing the symptoms of circulatory disorders.

    Why They're Great

    • Soft and comfortable
    • Lightweight
    • Full coverage
    • Non-slip grips
    • Strong and supportive

    Who They're Great For

    • Injured athletes
    • Gymgoers and bodybuilders
    • Frequent or long-distance travellers
    • Anyone who is immobile for long periods, or indefinitely (like in a wheelchair)

    Benefits of Compression Socks for Training

    Aids Post-Training Recovery

    Have you ever made the mistake of going without socks in your trainers? It’s never a good idea unless you like sweaty feet that slip around in your sports shoes. This makes slipping and falling much more likely, raising the risk of injury.

    best trainer socks for walking

    That’s why good sports socks are essential to prevent slippage and injury. It’s important to wear good sports socks to prevent blisters and keep your feet fresh and comfortable. But while many of our socks with grips offer better grip and thus more stability in your trainers, a workout can still take its toll.  

    Our research shows compression socks help sore, tired muscles recover faster after a gruelling workout.

    Lessens Risk Of Injury

    Your risk of sports-related injuries will be lower with the regular use of compression socks. This is due to the ankle stability and control these snug-fitting socks offer. 

    But whether you use them as pressure socks for air travel or support in the gym, compression socks make a big difference to your physical comfort. 

    But they also benefit your state of mind. That’s because when you feel that your feet, ankles, and legs are supported, you play the game with more confidence. 

     trainer socks that don't slip down

    Hastens Sports Injury Recovery

    Compression socks reduce the swelling and reduced blood flow that may occur post-sports injury. Worn during recovery, they enable you to get back to the gym or the field faster. 

    They keep your legs snug and warm too, making them the best socks for winter horseriding

    Fun fact: even horses often wear specialised equine compression socks post-ride. Compression socks have great benefits for both horses and riders. The horse because of the pressure on the legs, and the riders because of the extended periods of sitting with legs in a hunched position. 

    Symptomatic Relief for Varicose Veins

    When superficial veins become engorged and twisted, the result is called varicose veins. A lack of exercise, prolonged periods of standing or sitting, or a family history appear to be risk factors for this condition. But it can happen just as easily to healthy, active athletes, too. 

    the best trainer socks

    Some sports, because of the range of motions they entail or the physical positions they require, can exacerbate the condition. But our studies indicate that compression socks can help prevent varicose veins. And they can also offer symptomatic relief for those who already have the condition.


    Our mission at Gain The Edge is to give you a competitive edge in whatever sport you play or whichever fitness discipline you follow. 

    Choose from our range of fashionable high-performance grippy sports socks in a selection of colours, sizes, and styles. Or opt for our strong and supportive compression socks. Invest in the UK’s best trainer socks and gain the edge today.  

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