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    Should I Wear Flight Socks?

    should i wear flight socks

    “Should I wear flight socks?” As sock enthusiasts, this is a common question we see online. 

    Whether you’re a frequent flyer or flying a long distance for the first time in your life, you’ve likely heard a few horror stories about the swelling and pain caused by long hours at high altitudes. 

    One reported way to deal with this issue is to invest in a good pair of travel socks. But can travel socks help your feet recover on long flights, or is it all myth? 

    Let’s take a look at what flight socks are, the benefits of wearing them, and the best travel socks on the market. 

    What this article covers:

    What Are Flight Socks?

    Based on our research, flight compression socks apply steady pressure to the feet and legs, which squeezes your tissue and stimulates blood circulation. Compression socks are often used as a treatment for sports injuries and venous disorders. 

    do i need flight socks

    But they’re also used to treat lower leg and foot swelling and discomfort, two common issues among flyers. These issues are often caused by inactivity, which forces fluid from the blood into the surrounding soft tissue.

    Swelling and discomfort don’t sound like big issues, and at first, they might not be. But this fluid buildup and bad circulation can become painful, and it can take a few hours to dissipate after your flight. 

    Compression socks apply pressure, which improves blood circulation, mimicking your blood flow when you’re more active.

    What are the Benefits of Flight Socks?

    So, compression socks are a common answer to flight inactivity. But what are the benefits of wearing compression socks on your flight? 

    Improves Blood Circulation

    A lack of movement on long flights can cause slower blood circulation in the legs and feet, which can cause tingling and swelling. 

    For most people, this is only a mild inconvenience. But your legs and heart are part of the same circulatory system; bad circulation in your legs affects the circulation in the rest of your body. 

    Compression socks increase blood circulation in the lower legs, making up for the inactivity on your trip. Based on our observations, this will prevent some, if not all, of the swelling and discomfort from flying and improve the overall feel of your body after a long flight. 

    should you wear flight socks

    Decreased Swelling

    Slow lymphatic drainage is another factor contributing to swelling, in addition to poor circulation. Compression socks are an effective treatment to reduce bad lymphatic drainage or prevent it from occurring on your flight. 

    Decreased Health Risks

    If you’re at risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or have a close relative with DVT, take birth control pills, recently underwent surgery, or have varicose veins, compression socks can act as a preventative measure against any of these becoming urgent issues on your flight. 

    Faster Recovery 

    Compression socks are consistently ranked as some of the best trainer socks because of how much they improve recovery times. Whether you’re dealing with an injury or you recently underwent an operation, flying can be especially strenuous. 

    Compression socks can promote faster recovery by supporting the veins and providing muscle and tendon support.

    should you wear compression socks on a flight

    Better Flying For Pregnant Women

    Compression socks prevent blood from pooling in the legs and spider veins, both common issues among pregnant flyers. The best part? Compression socks are very versatile. You can use them to treat your symptoms even when you aren’t flying. 

    What Socks Are the Best Flight Socks? 

    As you can see, compression socks and flying go hand in hand. They provide wearers with better circulation and lymphatic drainage and improve recovery times. But not all compression socks are created equal. 

    Based on our thorough research, we’re confident that we’ve created the best flight compression sock. 

    Compression Grip Socks from Gain The Edge

    Gain The Edge compression grip socks are one of a kind. They combine all the sock designs of the best sports and leisure socks to create a powerful compression sock perfect for long-distance flights. 

     when to put on compression socks for flying

    Let’s take a look at why they’re the best flight socks out there. 

    Adjustable Length

    Our compression socks are adjustable, which means you can adjust the length according to your needs. The material is made from a high-quality, stretchy material that allows you to adjust it from a midcalf length to a knee-high compression sock with ease. 

    Powerful Compression

    Gain The Edge compression socks feature the perfect compression for all your flying and sports demands. The all-over compression and compression banding around the ankle will provide immense support without causing pain. 

    Maximum Comfort

    Made from high-quality materials and designed with your comfort in mind, our soft compression socks are a pleasure to wear. 

    Anti-Blister Design

    Say goodbye to blisters with our blister-prevention socks. Featuring our signature anti-blister technology, which minimises inseams, reduces friction, and improves wicking, you’ll never have to struggle with a compression sock blister ever again. 

     are flight socks necessary

    Increased Grip

    Sock sole grippers are a game changer. Not only do they improve your grip, but they’re also guaranteed to improve your stability and body alignment. With these socks, you’ll enjoy much better health and well-being than traditional compression socks can offer. 

    Breathable Build

    Our compression socks are also the best hiking socks for warm weather. They’re made from a cotton and elastane blend, which combines the strengths of both organic and synthetic materials. They’re breathable, quick-drying, and perfect for any weather. 

     who should wear flight socks

    Combine all these awesome features with the benefits of compression socks, and it’s easy to understand why these compression grip socks are our picks for the best flight socks. 


    Yes, you should wear flight socks. Flight socks have been hailed as a cure for flight swelling and discomfort for decades, but many still dispel the benefits as a myth. 

    However, after some research, it’s clear that compression socks are an effective treatment for the blood and fluid retention that come with flying. They also provide a host of other circulatory benefits that will decrease your recovery time and improve your health. 

    Finally, with the above compression socks, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an easier flight and a faster recovery.

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