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    Athlete's Foot Socks

    athletes foot socks

    Athletes’ foot is caused by hot, moist shoe environments. And, as the name suggests, it’s a problem many athletes face. Luckily, socks can help prevent and treat athlete’s foot by creating a healthier environment not as conducive to breeding harmful fungi.  

    If that sounds like what you need, look no further. Below, we list the best athlete’s foot socks, their unique benefits, and how they will improve your health and your performance. 

    Best Socks for Athlete's Foot

    Here are the best sports socks for treating and preventing athlete’s foot. 

    Mid-Calf Length Grip Socks

    Gain The Edge mid-length grip socks, also known as grip crew socks, are our winner for treating and preventing athlete's foot. They provide wearers with a ton of benefits, chief among them high wicking.  

    best socks to prevent nail fungus

     Made with our signature cotton and elastic blend, these socks provide impressive ventilation. The organic and synthetic blend offers users a high absorption rate and a quick drying time, ensuring no excess moisture. 

    The breathability and ventilation holes will prevent overheating and sweating, which creates prime real estate for fungal infections. 

    The length of these socks also makes them the best basketball socks and gym socks for women. The cuff is sturdy and easily keeps the sock in place, no matter how strenuous the activities. 

    The sole grippers also prevent slipping and improve stability. By slipping less inside your footwear, you’ll exert less energy and sweat less. The result? Dryer shoes and happier feet. 

    Finally, our mid-calf length socks come in a variety of colours. We have everything from pure white grip socks to funky purple grip socks. Treatment no longer has to be boring. 

    athletes foot sock

    No matter the sport or the distance, the high wicking, increased stability, and intense support of these crew socks are guaranteed to improve your condition and your performance. 

    Why They’re Great 

    • Breathable cotton blend 
    • Impressive ventelation
    • High absorption rate
    • Anti-blister technology
    • Grip for extra stability 
    • Available in a variety of colours 

    Who They’re Right for

    • Athletes who want to treat or prevent athlete’s foot with a mid-calf length sock 
    • People who need a versatile grip sock with high absorption and breathable material

    socks for athlete's foot

    Ankle Grip Socks

    To remove your athlete's foot or prevent it from appearing, you need dry feet. But if you’re in a region with hot weather or you struggle with excessive sweating, this can be especially hard. 

    It’s times like these that you need something lightweight, short, and thin–something like our ankle grip socks

    Our ankle grip socks are small and snug, making them a great pick if you need yoga grip socks, gymnastics grip socks, or Pilates grip socks. The short design also makes them great for hot weather. With more skin exposed to the elements, your body (and feet) will stay cooler for longer. 

    But it’s not just the length that'll help with the athlete’s foot. Our ankle socks are super lightweight. The material is thin but supportive, and the ventilation makes them one of the most breathable options in our catalogue. 

    best socks for athlete's foot

    Another benefit of our ankle socks is the anti-blister design. If you struggle with sweating and raw skin from fungal infections, blisters can be especially hard to deal with. But with these socks, you won’t have to deal with them at all. 

    The almost seamless design and soft, snug material ensure less movement and minimal friction. Say goodbye to aggravated athletes' feet and blisters forever. 

    Why It's Great 

    • Breathable cotton blend 
    • Impressive ventilation
    • Short length for maximum cooling
    • Super fast drying time
    • Anti-blister technology
    • Grip for extra stability 

    Who It’s Right for

    • Athletes who want to treat or prevent athlete’s foot in a hotter climate
    • People who need shorter, cooler socks
    • People looking for an invisible design option to treat their athlete's foot
    • People who struggle with overheating or excessive sweating

    best socks for athletes foot

    Full-Length Grip Socks

    What do you do when you need protection from the cold but struggle with athlete's foot? It’s hard to stay warm without aggravating the fungal infection on your feet. For many, it becomes an impossible choice between the cold and their health.  

    Fortunately, you don’t have to make the impossible choice when you have our full-length grip socks. Our full-length grip socks provide warmth without causing excessive sweating. 

    best socks athlete's foot

    By covering the leg up to the knee, these socks are perfect for even the coldest weather. They’re so amazing, they’ve been chosen as one of our best snowboarding socks

    Even though they’ll keep your feet warm, they won't overheat them. This is possible because of the breathable fabric and sock design. They insulate your feet and legs, absorb excess moisture, and dry quickly, leaving your feet warm and dry. 

    The socks also offer impressive ventilation, with perforation on the foot and shin material. The high-wicking and the quick-dry combination is a treatment dream team. 

    Finally, like our crew socks, our full-length grip socks come in a variety of colours. From sporty neutrals to vibrant neons, we’ve got a colour for every aesthetic. 

    best socks to prevent athlete's foot

    Why It's Great 

    • Breathable but warm cotton blend 
    • Impressive ventilation 
    • High wicking
    • Fast drying time
    • Anti-blister technology
    • Grip for extra stability 
    • Variety of colours

    Who It’s Right for

    • Athletes who want to treat or prevent athlete’s foot with a longer sock. 
    • People who need fungus treatment socks for colder weather. 
    • People who need extra leg, knee, and muscle support while treating their infection.

    what socks are best for athlete's foot


    Athlete’s foot can be a hassle, especially if you’re struggling with open sores or rashes. It gets even worse if you’re trying to perform without inflaming the condition or you’re struggling with the stigma around the condition. 

    Fortunately, the above socks will help you treat the condition, prevent it from reoccurring, and inject some necessary confidence back into your life. 

    Browse Gain The Edge’s sport grip sock catalogue for more amazing options. Enjoy healing while improving your abilities and maximizing your performance. 

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