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    Best Women's Socks in the UK

    best women's socks uk

    Whether you’re into extreme sports like Crossfit or you’re looking for a comfortable sock to wear to work, the right sock can make or break your daily routine. But with so many options on the market, finding the right design with the right functionality can be overwhelming. 

    Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best women’s socks the UK has to offer. From grip sports socks to compression gear, we've got an option perfect for your unique needs. 

    What this article covers:

    Best Socks for Women: UK

    After our extensive research and testing, we’re confident that we’ve come up with the best socks for women in the UK. 

    Mid-Calf Length Grip Socks 

    Mid-calf length grip socks, also known as grip crew socks, are a comfortable and versatile sock option. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome benefits we’ve gathered from our investigations. 

    best ladies socks uk

    First, our mid-calf length grip socks are the perfect length. The sock cuff hits the mid-calf region, but the flexible material makes it easy to adjust the sock as you see fit. So, whether you want a sock for sports or a pantsuit, these socks are a stylish and versatile option. Their unisex design also makes them a comfortable sock choice for men

    The adjustable length also makes them great for both winter and summer. Just adjust the cuff to meet your heating or cooling needs. 

    Next, let’s take a look at their build. Our socks are made from a cotton and elastane blend, which we’ve found to be the best sock blend. 

    The cotton gives wearers a comfortable sock with high wicking and breathable material. And the elastane increases the stretch and shape retention, meaning your sock will fit snugly and continue to fit snugly.  

    The sock grip—rubber grippers on the sock sole—will increase your confidence, whether in sports or the office. The increased grip makes it easier to move without your socks slipping inside your shoe. The increased grip has a snowball effect by improving your stance and posture, which then improves body alignment and alleviates aches and pains. 

    best womens socks uk

    Finally, the benefits list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the design. Our signature sporty design is minimalist and versatile without being bland. We also have a variety of colour options to choose from, from neutral white to bright purple mid-calf length socks

    Why They're Great

    • They’re versatile in length and design
    • They have anti-blister technology 
    • They’re breathable material
    • Their stylish design 
    • They come in a variety of colours 
    • They have a fast drying time 
    • They have a powerful grip 
    • They have excellent shape retention

    Who They’re Right for

    • Women who want a sock with a powerful grip to improve their athletic ability. 
    • Women who need a sport sock that can double as a work or event sock. 
    • Women who want a sock with versatile lengths perfect for any weather.

    Ankle Length Grip Socks 

    For those of you who need the best ankle socks for summer, our ankle grip socks are your best bet. 

    best cosy socks uk

    Made from the best material for hot weather, these ankle grip socks are breathable and comfortable. The sock’s build prioritises wicking and ventilation, which dramatically increases drying times. They’re great for women who struggle with excessive sweating, athlete's foot, or other fungal conditions.

    They also retain their shape. A common problem we’ve noticed during our investigation is that ankle socks lose their shape and support after a wash or two. Our ankle grip socks retain their shape and compression banding through dozens of washes. 

    The breathable material and the seamless fit are great for women who struggle with blisters. Blisters are most commonly caused by friction between the skin and wet sock material, especially the seams of the sock. But our anti-blister technology takes care of these issues by almost completely removing seams and ensuring a snug, dry fit throughout the day. 

    Additionally, they’re great for sports practices and games. The grippers maximise your movement, and the snug sock design will ensure the sock material doesn’t fold or slip. 

    Finally, there’s the design. Our ankle socks look great, and they come in three neutral tones for every occasion. They’re truly the best socks for ankle support, great aesthetics, and peak performance. 

    best socks for women uk

    Why They’re Great 

    • They have anti-blister technology 
    • They have breathable material
    • They’re perfect for hot weather
    • They have a stylish design 
    • They dry fast 
    • They provide a powerful grip 
    • They retain their shape

    Who They’re Right For 

    • Women who want sports socks perfect for hotter climates
    • Women who struggle with foot fungus or excessive sweating
    • Women who need smaller socks for sports that require extra skin grip

    Full-Length Grip Socks 

    Next, let’s take a look at our full-length grip socks. Like the other products on our list, they provide many of the same benefits. They retain their shape, maximise ventilation, and increase grip. 

    best socks women uk

    We’ve found that their length gives them a leg up. These knee-length socks are perfect for colder climates. They provide awesome insulation, but they don’t cause excessive sweating. The ventilation and high-wicking material work together to keep your feet warm but dry. 

    You can adjust the sock length, too! The stretchy cotton and elastane blend makes it easy to adjust the sock cuff, converting it from a knee-length sock to a crew sock in seconds. 

    Besides their grip-increasing stability, these knee-length socks also provide extra support. The cuff, which covers the knee, aligns the ankles and knees. While it isn’t as powerful as compression socks, it still works great to prevent smaller knee injuries and misalignments. 

    Next, if you do workouts that scrape your legs, these are the socks for you. The material acts as a buffer that protects your legs from deadlifts, rope climbs, and other floor work. We’re not surprised they’ve been voted among the best knee-high socks for men. 

    Lastly, they come in a wide array of colours. We’ve got neutrals, but we’ve also got a variety of bright tones. So, if you want to spruce up your workout routines, these are the socks for the job. 

    best womens socks

    Why They’re Great 

    • They have a versatile length
    • They have anti-blister technology 
    • They have breathable material
    • They’re perfect for cold weather
    • They have a stylish design 
    • They dry quickly
    • They facilitate powerful grip 
    • They provide knee support 
    • They protect shin and skin

    Who They’re Right For 

    • Women who need sports socks for colder climates
    • Women who need socks to protect their skin and shins while working out
    • Women who want extra ankle and knee support to prevent injuries 

    Compression Socks

    Compression socks are a powerful addition to any wardrobe, but they’re particularly great for women. 

    Like our knee-high socks, our compression socks are great for colder weather, but don’t let the length fool you. They’re perfect for summer, spring, and fall, all thanks to the thin but powerful compression banding. They’ll keep your feet dry and cool in the summer and dry and warm in the winter.  

    best socks women

    They’re also super comfortable. Our compression socks are made with our anti-blister design, which improves wear and reduces friction. The material is also soft. This is especially important with compression socks, which are usually known for their rough compression materials. 

    Next, low-grade compression is a powerful tool for everyday struggles like bad blood circulation, spider veins, or swelling. Compression socks speed up circulation and reduce swelling, especially for women who have to sit or travel for long hours. 

    If you’re into sports, the compression will help prevent injuries. It provides both muscle and tendon support, keeping the lower body supple. If you’re healing from an injury, a compression sock will also hasten the healing process and prevent any further issues. 

    And finally, if you do any extreme sports like CrossFit or long-distance running, compression socks are a game changer. Not only do they prevent shin splints and other sport-related scrapes, but they also decrease muscle fatigue and increase recovery times. 

    All in all, compression socks are a powerful tool for healing, preventing injuries, and general well-being, especially if you’re an athlete. 

    best ladies socks

    Why They’re Great 

    • Powerful compression
    • Anti-blister technology 
    • Breathable material
    • Perfect for all weather conditions
    • Stylish design 
    • Fast drying time 
    • Muscle and tendon support 
    • Shin and skin protection
    • Decreases muscle fatigue
    • Increases recovery times

    Who They’re Right For 

    • Women who are healing from an injury or want to prevent a sporting injury. 
    • Women who need more leg support. 
    • Women who sit for long hours, struggle with spider veins, bad circulation, and swelling. 

    Grip Compression Socks

    If you liked our compression socks, then you’ll love our grip compression socks. While the above sock is perfect for everyday use, our grip compression socks are specifically designed for women who want to improve their performance during practice and, ultimately, tournaments. 

    Our grip compression socks have all the amazing features that have become our signature. The material blend is breathable, and the ventilation is effective. They retain their shape even after dozens of washes, and the stylish design will never go out of fashion. 

     best cosy socks

    Compression socks are also a powerful tool for circulation, healing, and injury prevention. 

    Where these compression socks stand out is the grip. 

    Our compression grip socks feature powerful rubber grippers on the sole, which secure feet inside the gear and on mats. With the increased grip, it’s much easier to build and maintain momentum without struggling in slippery gear. You can also change directions faster and move more fluidly. 

    But it doesn’t stop there. Based on our research, because the grippers increase stability, the socks will support your body's natural alignment, correcting any bad posture causing back pain or other issues. You can move much more confidently and naturally improve your performance

    Compression grip socks are the perfect gear to maximise your output and keep your body safe while on the go. 

    Why They’re Great 

    • Powerful compression
    • Impressive grip 
    • Anti-blister technology 
    • Breathable material
    • Perfect for all weather conditions
    • Stylish design 
    • Fast drying time 
    • Muscle and tendon support 
    • Shin and skin protection
    • Decreases muscle fatigue
    • Increases recovery times

    Who They’re Right For 

    • Women who are healing from an injury or want to prevent a sporting injury
    • Women who need more leg support with added grip
    • Women who sit for long hours, struggle with spider veins, bad circulation, and swelling

     best socks for women


    Whether you’re an athlete, an office worker, a coach, or a mother, the above socks are the best socks for women in the UK. From ankle socks to compression gear, these socks will help you make the most of your day, maximise your sporting capabilities, and increase your confidence while working and playing. 

    For more awesome sports socks perfect for every occasion, visit Gain The Edge and browse our extensive catalogue. 

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