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    Compression Socks for Exercise

    compression socks for exercise

    Compression socks are gaining popularity in sports circles, but is it really safe to wear compression socks during exercise? Are there any benefits to doing so, and what are they? 

    We examine the answers to these questions and give you the facts about using compression socks for exercise in the guide below. 

    What this article covers:

    What Are Sports Compression Socks?

    Sports compression socks, or sleeves, are the athletic versions of compression socks worn by people with varicose veins or oedema. Popular for the treatment and support of venous issues, they were also found to help sportspeople with sports injuries or post-workout recovery. 

     can you exercise in compression socks

    How Do Compression Socks Work? 

    Whether you use compression socks for hiking or any other sport, they work by applying constant yet comfortable pressure to the lower legs. This supports the network of tissues and veins in the lower limbs and also boosts circulation by preventing the pooling of blood in that area.

    Is It Safe to Wear Compression Socks While Working Out?

    It’s perfectly safe to wear compression socks while working out. However, to get the most benefit from this practise, you should only use compression socks from a reputable sports gear dealer like Gain The Edge.

    Who Should Use Compression Socks while Working Out?

    You’ll gain the most benefit from wearing compression socks during your workout if you suffer from venous issues or regularly experience foot and leg swelling after a workout. 

    All compression socks, from ski compression socks to golf compression socks, work this way. No matter how you work out, you’ll enjoy the benefits.

    compression socks for weightlifting

    What Are the Benefits of Sports Compression Socks or Calf Cuffs for Running and Other Workouts?

    Sports compression socks or cuff sleeves not only boost circulation; they also support the foot arch and the ankle. These are areas where ordinary socks don’t offer enough protection. 

    That is why triathlon compression socks and dance compression socks are so popular. These disciplines put you through so many different paces and demand the most from your legs and feet.

    Why Do Athletes Use Compression Socks?

    Unfortunately, injuries are common in the world of weight training, athletics, and sports. Even the most experienced bodybuilders and professional athletes are not immune to the occasional injury. 

    Athletes generally use compression socks for foot, ankle, and lower leg support, as well as post-injury recovery.

    The Intra-Workout and Post-Workout Benefits of Sports Compression Socks

    There are several benefits to using sports compression socks, both during a workout and afterwards.

    During Workouts

    During workouts, sports compression socks increase blood flow to reduce the risk of calf cramps, shin splints, and Achilles strains.

    After Workouts

    After workouts, compression socks decrease swelling and soreness in your leg muscles. For best results, wear them during your cool-down stretches and for up to 60 minutes afterwards.

    compression socks during exercise

    How Do Compression Socks Help with Recovery?

    Compression socks help with recovery by offering a supportive structure for damaged muscles and improving the flow of blood in the lower extremities. This boost in blood circulation helps wounds heal faster. And by keeping hurting muscles in place, less strain is put on them during recovery.

    Do Compression Socks Help with All Types of Lower Leg Injuries?

    While they may not help with all injuries to the lower leg, sports compression socks do offer symptomatic relief for a wide range of leg injuries. 

    How Are Compression Socks Best Worn During Workouts?

    A mistake that some people make is to wear compression sleeves over their sports gear. In our experience, this isn’t just the incorrect way to enjoy the benefits of compression socks; it can also be harmful. 

    Sports compression socks are designed to apply pressure while remaining comfortable enough to be worn during strenuous physical activity. However, sports compression socks are meant to be worn directly against the skin.

    What Size Sock Should You Wear?

    Choosing the right size compression sock needn’t be complicated. Our compression socks are categorised according to two groups of shoe sizes for your convenience. 

    is it ok to wear compression socks while exercising

    If you’re unsure what size to get, measure your ankle and calf circumferences. If you’re still not sure, contact us with any questions you have.

    What Are the Best Compression Socks for Workouts?

    Here at Gain The Edge, we put our years of expertise in sports gear to use by creating the very best sports socks for any type of sport. As the UK’s leading gripper socks manufacturer, we understand the need for comfort and support in your sports socks as well as a good fit in your sports shoes.

    That’s why we’ve compiled all our knowledge about sports socks and created the best-selling V1 Compression Sock.

    The V1 Compression Sock from Gain The Edge

    The V1 Compression Sock is everything you ever wanted in a full-length sport sock, with the added benefits of compression. 

     can you exercise with compression socks

    Adaptable to different lengths and with the non-slip grips our customers know and love, these socks are your first line of defence against muscle aches and strains, post-workout soreness, and common sports injuries.

    Made from super soft and stretchy fabric that continues to deliver premium compression wear after wear, they’re a top investment for anyone serious about their sport. 

    Our sports compression socks:

    • Are versatile! They can be adjusted from the length of a grippy mid-calf sock to a knee-length sock.
    • Are practical! They offer the security of a gripper sock with the benefits of a compression sock.
    • Are attractive! Their sporty black and white design complements any gym clothes or sports kit.

    best compression socks for exercise


    Is it okay to wear compression socks while exercising? Not only is it okay, but it’s also a great idea! You’ll improve your resilience on and off the sports field or gym floor, and you'll recover from leg injuries faster and with less discomfort. 

    Find your competitive edge with Gain The Edge premium compression socks. Work out with the enhanced confidence that comes from true support when and where you need it the most.

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