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    Best Triathlon Socks

    best triathlon socks

    The triathlon is a true test of endurance, with running, swimming, and cycling one after the other. It makes you work hard, and you’re sure to break out in a sweat several times. You need gear that works as hard as you do and keeps you comfortable when things get tough.

    But what are the best triathlon socks? For that matter, do you wear socks in a triathlon? While some triathlon participants prefer to go without them, having good, grippy sports socks on while cycling and running is always a good idea. So, let’s take a look at the best triathlon socks in the UK.

    Best Socks for Triathlon

    After thorough testing, these socks are the favourite choice for triathletes.

    Grip Socks 2.0 Ankle-Length

    Most people who take part in triathlons regularly prefer the low-rise style of a traditional ankle-length sport sock. Our 2.0 Ankle-Length Grip Socks give you the coverage you need without the worry of them slipping down inside your sports shoes. 

    They’re not only the best grip socks for triathlons but also for tennis, hiking, and jogging. Ankle socks are great for any sport that keeps you constantly on the move. You won’t feel too restricted, but you’ll still have the support, comfort, stretch, and grip you need.

    best socks for triathlon

    Why They’re Great

    • Their popular ankle-length style is preferred by athletes
    • They’re anti-slip
    • They’re snug but stretchy
    • They’re great for summer sports

    Who They’re Right for

    • Anyone who loves the classic style of an ankle sport sock

    Mid-Length Grip Socks

    Mid-calf-length sports socks like our navy blue grip socks are popular with sportspeople and athletes of all kinds. Available in classic two-tone black and white as well as a range of fashionable colours, you’ll want to use these socks for every sport you play. They’re also extremely comfortable.

    If you don’t like the feel of an ankle sock but want support, comfort, and grip with greater leg coverage, these are the best triathlon socks for you. Because all the activity during a triathlon puts your feet to the test, you need socks that move with you without compromising on support. These mid-calf, grippy socks will do that. They’re also the best golf socks ever

     best triathlon socks uk

    Why They’re Great

    • They provide more leg coverage and support
    • They’re warm and comfortable
    • They’re available in a range of eye-catching colours
    • They’re great for winter sports

    Who They’re Right for 

    • Anyone who needs a little more coverage than ankle socks give

    Ankle Support Socks

    If you want the arch and heel support of top-quality sports socks but prefer your toes free, these toeless ankle support socks are for you. Made from super comfortable, breathable fabric and engineered to last, they provide just as much support as the ankle sport socks but with more versatility.  

    Many athletes prefer to run with bare feet and then suffer from swelling and inflammation, among other problems. This can be solved by wearing ankle-support socks for your running events. Incidentally, they’re also considered the best grip socks for gymnastics as well as the best pilates socks in the UK.

     best socks for ironman

    Why They’re Great

    • They’re provide more freedom with the same support
    • They’re great for gymnastics and pilates, too
    • They keep your feet protected but cool in the heat
    • They’re breathable fabric to prevent trapped moisture

    Who They’re Right for 

    • Anyone who prefers not wearing socks, but knows they need them

    Benefits Of Using Triathlon Socks

    There are five different types of triathlons: the Super Sprint, Sprint, Standard/Olympic, Half-Ironman Marathon, and the most demanding, the Full Ironman Marathon. 

    But regardless of which triathlon you’re doing, the order of events remains the same. Cycling comes first, then running, and always swimming. And in between these events, you’re allowed transitions to have an energy bar or drink and to change your sports gear. 

    So whereas you won’t be wearing socks for the swimming event, you can change into them for the cycling and running segments of the competition. And by doing so, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

    Prevents Blisters

    All athletes have, at one time or another, had to deal with the discomfort of painful blisters. Your feet rubbing against the inside of your athletic shoes is what causes these. 

    And it’s the main reason why you need a pair of sports socks that are soft and comfortable, providing cushioning for your heels and toes. Our socks will prevent blisters during your triathlon events and any other sports you love. They’re also the perfect grip socks for rugby!

    do triathletes wear socks

    Reduces Heel Slippage 

    Socks with grips on the bottom keep your feet secure in your sports shoes, reducing heel slippage. 

    Based on our experience, heel slippage can cause you to misplace your foot on the pedal while cycling or stumble while running. That’s why triathletes depend on our anti-slip sports socks with grips to prevent such injuries.

    Wicks Moisture Away

    When you’re constantly on the move in a triathlon competition, your feet get sweaty. There’s no way to avoid sweat entirely, but a good pair of sports socks is key to wicking the moisture away. 

    We have found that the best choice for moisture-wicking socks is a polycotton blend like our premier sports socks. Our tests indicate that they are the best socks to prevent nail fungus and athlete’s foot.

    do you wear socks in a triathlon

    Provides Comfort

    Lastly, there’s your comfort to consider. After that bracing swim, you’ll be expected to transition to the next segment, cycling. While the swim will have given you a good warm-up, your feet may need warming after the cool water. 

    A snug pair of sports socks with just the right amount of stretch will keep them comfortable. Need warm, comfy socks for your winter sports? Have a look at our best snowboard socks review.


    No matter your personal preference for sock length, colour, or style, one thing is true for all triathlon participants: To perform at your best, you need the best triathlon socks. 

    So get the best grip socks for your sport, your feet, and your budget, and gain the edge over your competitors.

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