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    Best CrossFit Socks

    best crossfit socks

    As a CrossFit athlete dealing with intense and extreme circuits, your gear can be a game changer, and only the best socks will help you reach your full potential. 

    Say goodbye to socks that don’t provide support, grip, or value for your money. 

    Based on our research, these are the best Crossfit socks on the market. Perfect in fit, value, and quality, they’re guaranteed to help you reach your CrossFit goals and keep your body running at 100%. 

    What this article covers:

    Best CrossFit Socks

    From non-slip exercise socks to compression socks, we determined that these are the best Crossfit socks. 

    Mid-Calf Length Grip Socks 

    Our midcalf-length grip socks, more commonly known as crew socks, are versatile and powerful. They also come with a host of performance benefits, from increased grip to anti-blister technology. 

    best socks for crossfit

    First, these socks were built with performance in mind. Made from a cotton and elastane blend, users get to experience the pros of both organic and synthetic materials. 

    The fit is snug, providing all-day support with no slipping or material folding. They’re also breathable, making them perfect for people who need socks for athletes' foot and other fungal conditions. 

    The perforation blends in perfectly with the socks, maintaining our signature sporty design, and the high-wicking point promises to have your feet drying in record time. 

    Their length is also perfect for all weather conditions. You can easily adjust the sock by pulling the cuff higher or pushing it lower. Combined with our anti-blister sock technology, you’ll get maximum comfort and maximum performance—all from one sock. 

    The next benefit is the sock grip. The rubber grippers on the sole will improve your traction, making it easier to build momentum and change directions quicker. The increased stability will also improve your body alignment, giving you the confidence to move without having to worry about your gear failing you. 

    They’re also extremely versatile. You can use them for everything from grip socks for rugby to grip socks for golfing, and they’ll work perfectly in both settings. 

    Finally, they’re super stylish. Made with our signature sporty design and available in a wide array of colours, from bright purple to neutral white grip socks, we’re confident we’ve got a design to fit your aesthetic. 

    best compression socks for crossfit

    Why They're Great

    • They have a snug fit
    • They have breathable material and design
    • They offer increased grip 
    • Anti blister technology
    • Stylish design
    • Variety of colour choices
    • Versatile length 
    • Increased stability

    Who It’s Right for

    • CrossFit athletes who want versatile athletic grip socks
    • CrossFit athletes looking for a snug and breathable crew sock
    • CrossFit athletes who struggle with low grip or blisters from socks

    Ankle Grip Socks

    Ankle grip socks are popular grip socks for trampolining and gymnastics. But from our investigations, it’s clear that they also make great socks for CrossFit athletes looking for minimalistic gear. 

    The biggest advantage of wearing ankle grip socks is their size. Because ankle socks are small, they don’t get in the way of your performance. Ankle socks are especially great for CrossFit athletes who need exposed skin for better grip. 

    best compression socks crossfit

    Next, the snug design will provide all-day support. They won’t slip off your feet or fold, which increases friction and causes blisters. Our anti-blister design will make sure of that. 

    They’re also perfect for warmer weather. The breathable material, wicking, and short design will keep your feet cooler for longer and dry sweat as fast as it appears. 

    Like crew socks, they’re also super versatile. You can take these benefits with you, using them for everything from running socks to yoga ankle socks

    Last, but certainly not least, is the sock grip. Studded with our signature sock grippers, these ankle socks will increase your traction, allow you to change direction faster, and align your body for less pain. 

    For such a small, minimal sock, it’s impressive how powerfully its design can improve performance. 

    Why It's Great

    • Snug fit with minimalist design
    • Breathable material and length
    • Increased grip 
    • Anti blister technology
    • Stylish design
    • Versatile 
    • Increased stability

    Who It’s Right for

    • CrossFit athletes that need cooler socks for warm weather 
    • CrossFit athletes who want to maximise skin exposure for grip
    • CrossFit athletes who struggle with low grip or blisters from socks 

    Full-Length Grip Socks 

    Like the above socks, our full-length grip socks provide many of the same benefits. Chief among them are a snug fit, breathable material with high wicking, and rubber grippers that’ll improve your performance. 

    socks for crossfit

    However, there are a few features that set this sock apart from the others. 

    It’s perfect for the cold weather. The stretchy organic and synthetic material blend provides ultimate stretch while still maintaining that blessed warmth. But they’re not unbearably warm—the material is still ventilated, ensuring your feet and legs are at the optimal temperature for you. 

    The knee-length design is versatile. You can easily change the sock length, adapting it to your needs. If you need a crew sock one day and a full-length sock the next, you can just adjust the cuff until it’s perfect. 

    The length is also perfect for people who need a little bit of knee support. While it doesn’t have the power of compression socks, the snug design and grip are perfect for younger athletes who are looking to prevent knee injuries. 

    Finally, they provide leg protection for intense CrossFit exercises. If you’re doing CrossFit workouts that scrape your legs, like rope climbs, our socks will provide a buffer without hindering your performance. 

    Why They're Great

    • Snug fit with minimal folding
    • Breathable material
    • Protective and versatile length
    • Increased grip 
    • Anti blister technology
    • Stylish design
    • Increased stability

    Who They’re Right for

    • Crossfit athletes who need warmer sports socks that dry fast
    • Crossfit athletes that want extra knee support
    • Crossfit athletes that do exercises that scrape or hurt their shins

    Compression Socks 

    CrossFit is known for being extreme, which isn’t a problem for the athletes who love it. But if you’re a CrossFit athlete who needs extra support, compression socks are the way to go. 

    compression socks for crossfit

    From our observations, we’ve noticed many powerful benefits to wearing compression socks during CrossFit training. 

    First, if you struggle with any type of circulatory issue, muscle pain, or spider veins, the pressure of compression socks will help. It speeds up blood flow, prevents or reduces spider veins (making them great training socks for women), and provides muscle support on the calf. 

    But the support goes beyond your muscles. Compression socks are also helpful if you have structural problems like flat feet. So, whether you need warm compression that keeps your joints supple or extra foot arch support, compression socks will help. 

    Compression socks are also an effective way to treat or prevent muscle fatigue, which is especially helpful if you’re new to CrossFit or healing from an injury. It'll also protect your muscles and shins from rope climbs and deadlifts. 

    Lastly, the increased support is going to help your overall stability. Correct posture and alignment will improve your knee, hip, and back alignment, which will increase your performance. 

    Why They’re Great

    • Safe and long-term compression
    • Breathable material
    • Protective length and material
    • Anti blister technology
    • Stylish design
    • Increased stability
    • Improved leg fatigue
    • Faster recovery 
    • Increased support

    Who They’re Right for

    • CrossFit athletes who need extra foot, ankle, and knee support
    • CrossFit athletes that are healing from an injury
    • CrossFit athletes that want to increase their recovery time

    Compression Grip Socks 

    Compression grip socks have all the benefits of normal compression socks, including faster recovery times, skin and muscle protection, and full body support. 

    compression socks crossfit

    However, these socks have one added feature that puts them a cut above the rest: grip. 

    Sock grip improves traction on mats and in shoes. Instead of struggling with socks that slide around inside your gear and ruin your performance, grip compression socks hold the foot steady through simple but powerful rubber grippers.

    It makes it much easier to build momentum and maintain it. The increased confidence in your gear will also translate into better and more fluid motions. 

    The combination of grip and compression gear also provides powerful full-body support and effects. 

    Because of the increased stability of the socks and the support of the compression banding, you’ll notice better knee, hip, and back alignment. Your form will naturally improve, and so will your performance and physical results. 

    All these benefits together make compression grip socks one of the most powerful tools for extreme sportspeople. 

     crossfit socks

    Why They’re Great

    • They’re safe and long-term compression
    • They provide increased grip 
    • They have breathable material
    • They have protective length and material
    • They have anti-blister technology
    • They’re stylishly designed
    • They provide increased stability
    • They promote faster recovery 
    • They provide increased support

    Who They’re Right for

    • CrossFit athletes who need compression gear with added grip 
    • CrossFit athletes who need extra foot, ankle, and knee support
    • CrossFit athletes that are healing from an injury
    • CrossFit athletes that want to increase their recovery time

    How to Choose the Best Socks for CrossFit 

    With so many options for great Crossfit socks, it’s only natural to be a little overwhelmed. Here’s how to choose the best socks for CrossFit. 

    Ventilation/ Breathability 

    Make sure the socks are breathable. In any extreme sport, sweating is inevitable. But socks without the right ventilation can cause serious issues like blisters (which can get infected if you continue using the same socks) and other conditions like athlete's foot. 

    So, make sure the CrossFit socks are made from a breathable material with high-wicking materials that don’t cause blisters. These will be socks like our anti-blister sports grip socks, which are virtually seamless and snug for decreased friction. 

    best socks crossfit

    It’s also important to note whether the socks are perforated or have a thinner top material for increased ventilation. This will keep your feet cooler and dryer for longer. 

    Sock Fit 

    A snug-fitting sock is a good sock. Make sure the CrossFit sock you choose has enough stretch to easily pull over your fit without losing its shape. 

    An organic and synthetic material blend, like our cotton and elastane blend, is a prime example. The cotton increases the comfort and breathability of the material, while the synthetic blend helps the sock retain its shape and mould to the foot like a second skin. 

    This will increase the comfort of the sock but also prevent excess friction and folding, which are the biggest causes of blisters for CrossFit athletes. 


    There is no specific length for CrossFit socks. The length you choose will depend on your unique needs. If you need a cooler sock with more exposed skin, ankle socks or crew socks will work perfectly. If you need more support, protection, and warmth, we strongly recommend longer-length socks. 

    For CrossFitters who fluctuate between these two points, we’ve found that mid-length grip socks or crew socks are the best choices. They’re versatile and can be changed according to your needs. 

    crossfit  compression socks


    Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best. However, the opposite is also true. If you pay a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many cheaper socks tend to lose their shape very quickly or break from the intensity of CrossFit workouts. 

    Your best bet would be to meet these price points in the middle. There are many amazing CrossFit socks, like ours, that provide high-quality performance socks for a reasonable price.

    Unique Needs

    Finally, when it comes to features like compression and grip, consider your unique needs. If you struggle with muscle fatigue, try out compression socks when doing CrossFit. If you struggle with slippery gear, grip socks are the way to go. 

    Benefits of Using CrossFit Socks 

    Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of adding CrossFit socks to your gear. 

    Increased Grip 

    Grip socks are a game changer for CrossFitters. The increased grip increases stability and eliminates body pain from bad form, posture, and alignment. The grip will maximise your potential. With better traction, it’ll be easier to build momentum, change direction, and move your body. 

    The increased grip will also heighten your confidence in your gear. As athletes like Michael Jordan can show us, an athlete confident in their gear will do better. You no longer need to waste time worrying about keeping your footing. Instead, you can focus completely on your performance. 

    crossfit compression sock

    Improved Support 

    If our feet are unbalanced, the knees and hips follow, making the whole body suffer. But with the addition of sock grips, ankle and knee support, and compression gear, you can enjoy better full-body alignment and support. This decreases pain, improves form, and provides more stability. 

    Better Performance

    The increased grip and improved support of CrossFit socks are great benefits, but combined, they naturally lead to better performance. CrossFit athletes who can trust their gear and enjoy the above benefits will maximise their performance and push past their limits. 


    CrossFit is an intense workout that requires intense gear. While socks are often overlooked, they can have a massive impact on your performance and health. 

    From the above list, choose the CrossFit socks that fit your needs and your style. All of them are guaranteed to improve your CrossFit experience, form, and results. If you feel overwhelmed by the choice, use our buyer's guide to narrow down the CrossFit socks that were made for you. 

    Best Compression Socks (FAQs) 

    Why Do CrossFitters Wear Compression Socks? 

    Because CrossFit is an extreme sport, fatigue and pain can be intense. Recovery times are also longer, especially if you’re older, a beginner, or healing from an injury. Compression socks speed up this process by increasing circulation and providing full-body support. 
    Many CrossFitters also use compression socks to prevent shin splints from heavy lifting or long-distance running. All in all, they’re great socks for Ironman, CrossFit, and other extreme exercises. 

     best crossfit socks for women

    Why Do CrossFitters Wear Crew Socks? 

    CrossFitters that wear crew socks and knee-length socks are wearing them mostly to protect themselves from shin splints and scrapes from climbing and heavy lifting. Long socks also insulate the leg, keeping muscles warm and supple, which decreases the chances of injuries from straining. 

    And, finally, CrossFitters sometimes wear crew socks because they like the way they look.

    Why Do CrossFitters Wear Ankle Socks? 

    Not all CrossFit enthusiasts like wearing long socks. Some prefer ankle socks. Usually, athletes who like ankle socks for Crossfit do so for two reasons: heat and grip. Some people prefer having more skin available to grip equipment like ropes, and having their legs exposed helps. 

    Others who live in warm climates or struggle with overheating might also prefer shorter, cooler socks when working out. 

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